The Warrior

2017-2018 Staff

Ben Griffin


Ben Griffin is in his junior year at Lane. He lives in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. Outside of school, he works with music by playing the bass and piano with a band called School of Rock. He also ...

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Bradley Hills


Bradley Hills is a junior that hopes to have a future in business and economics. He has a major interest in sports. Previously playing soccer for Lane’s freshman & sophomore team, and Bradley is ...

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Daniela Ciesielski


Daniela, also known as Dani, is a junior at Lane and it is her first year taking journalism. She has always been interested in writing but recently has sparked an eager interest in Journalism this yea...

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Caroline Capone


A new face to LT’s Warrior, Caroline, currently a junior, is a very busy person. She has done soccer, track, and cross country in years past. Her favorite subjects are English and History, and she ha...

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Sam Sorich


Samantha Sorich is a junior at Lane Tech and quite active. She has been a player for the Lane Tech varsity soccer team since Freshman year. Now adding volleyball to her list of Lane hobbies this year,...

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Gilbert Marin


Gilbert Marin is in his junior year at Lane. He took journalism as an opportunity to voice his opinion to his peers and community. Gilbert has an interest in writing about Arts and Entertainment. In his ...

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Evelyn Huzenis


Evelyn Huzenis is a junior here at Lane Tech, currently enrolled in Journalism I. Blue is her favorite color. Ace, her pet Shih Tzu loves her very much. Evelyn indulges in alternative, hip hop, indie,...

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Brenda Ocampo


Brenda Ocampo is a senior this year at Lane. She is proud of her Mexican heritage and is the loving owner of four dogs. She enjoys eating cereal every night and plays the clarinet in the Lane Tech March...

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Jeffrey Taraskiewicz


Jeffrey Taraskiewicz is a senior at Lane. He is in the Journalism 1 class and decided to take this class because he has always enjoyed writing and debating. He thought this would be a new and interesting ...

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Irene Nettnin


Irene Nettnin is a current junior in the Journalism I class. She is a big fan of the arts, having participated on a 2D art job for After School Matters and as a leader for her adaptive drama class. She l...

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Agatha Orlovska


Agatha Orlovska is currently a junior at Lane. She is an athlete and is currently on the girls lacrosse team. She likes to learn and explore new things, which is why she joined journalism. She believes...

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Emma Loew


Emma Loew is a talented photographer who attends Lane Tech and is taking Journalism. She enjoys taking photos of her friends and family, scenic pictures/nature, and food! In her past 3 years at Lane, sh...

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Frank Rodriguez


Frank Rodriguez is currently a junior and is in his first year of Journalism. He has been here for 5 years now, and was a part of the LTAC program. Some great things to know about Frank include his lo...

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Ben Peebles


Ben Peebles is a junior at Lane and hopes to major in computer science. Some of his interests include abstract art and technology, with technology having more of an impact on his life. His favorite movie...

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Gianna Munoz


Gianna Munoz is a senior and a student in Journalism 1. Gianna partakes in activities such as choir, rugby, and Cuban club.  She took journalism because she has always been intrigued by the journalis...

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Nina Vo


Nina Vo is the Key Club Vice President and a Senior in the class of 2018. She is eager to get the opportunity to contribute to The Warrior. She is excited to be able to voice her opinions and have the...

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Angelika Mazurek


Angelika Mazurek is a senior at Lane Tech. She was born in Poland and moved to America when she was six years old. Hanging out with her friends is one of her favorite pastimes. When she is older, she wants to...

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Nicole Herzog


Nicole is 16 years old and is starting her third year at Lane as a junior. She is big a fan of acting, theater, and music. During her free time, you can find Nicole chilling at a concert. Reading and writi...

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Khalem Caldwell


Khalem, a junior, enjoys being very involved in extracurricular activities. He is a member of the Lane Football Team. He has also won first place in the shot-put event and second place in the discus event...

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Rafael Martinez


This is Rafael’s first year working for the Warrior. He is a senior and plays on Lane’s volleyball team. He also plays on a club team. He is the booth monitor for Lane’s Columbian club. In his free tim...

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David Montes


David Montes is a junior at Lane and wants to major in criminal justice. He joined journalism because it was a great opportunity to increase his skills as a writer. Although he doesn’t have a favorite ga...

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Megan Evans


Megan Evans is a junior at Lane and this is her first year in journalism. She’s been in the Lane Buddies program since her sophomore year. She loves writing. Megan is a horror enthusiast, watching h...

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Renato Arteaga


Renato Arteaga is currently a junior at Lane. This is his first year taking journalism and he hopes to be a recognized journalist later in life. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his three ch...

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Kaja Romanowski


Kaja Romanowski is writing for The Warrior for the first time this year. She is a senior who is on the dance team at Lane, and also is a dancer for Polynesian Club. Math is Kaja’s favorite subject in...

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Mytam Vo


Mytam Vo is a sophomore at Lane. She enjoys drawing and she wants to learn how to play the guitar. Mytam can speak both English and Vietnamese. Her favorite subjects include English and science and her fav...

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Julia Schuurman


Julia, 16, already has an interest in writing and wants to pursue a career in that area. She loves animals and has two pets, a dog and a cat. During her summer she spent her spare time doing an interns...

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Nick Udell


Nick is a senior at Lane. He participates in robotics and is also a part of Stage Krew. He decided to take journalism to improve as a writer. Nick’s advice to people would be to “be yourself; do not...

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Patricia Abulencia


Patricia Abulencia is a junior at Lane. She has been playing on the Lane Tech Hoop Squad since freshman year. Having self-taught herself to play the piano, guitar, clarinet and ukulele, music has always b...

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Maggie Nielsen


Maggie Nielsen is currently a sophomore taking Journalism I. She is a part of the lacrosse team at Lane and also plays for a travel team. She loves to read and write, especially when sipping a cup of coffee. M...

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Anahi Mosquera


Anahi Mosquera is currently a junior at Lane and this is her first year taking journalism. She has always loved writing and considers English her favorite subject. Outside of the classroom, Anahi is a p...

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Marilyn Muncy


Marilyn is starting her first year in journalism as a junior at Lane. Sophomore year, Marilyn was a member of the Japanese Club at school. She is passionate about the arts and one day hopes to become a g...

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Simone Brenner

A&E Editor

Simone Brenner is an A&E Editor for the Warrior. She is passionate about writing and learning new things about the people at Lane and events going on in Chicago. Simone enjoys being involved in many...

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Tyreye Morris

Sports Editor

I am a writer for the The Warrior, the newspaper for Lane Tech High School. Besides my interest in writing, I also play football and track at Lane. I am interested in broadcasting and law, which is why I am plan...

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Alexa Soto

A&E Editor

Alexa Soto is a Senior at Lane who loves french fries and apple pies. Alexa is considering a career in journalism, law or business, and hopes to someday own a Gazebo and five dogs....

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Roman Treuthart

Sports Editor

Roman Treuthart is a junior at Lane and this is his first year taking any type of journalism class. Outside of class, he has been taking photos passionately for over three years. He also plays on the Var...

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Joshua Tarafa


I am a senior and a Journalism 2 student here at Lane. I have a strong interest in sports journalism, but have branched out to stories with a variety of topics. I try to focus my time on family, school...

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Sam Schnoes

News Editor

Sam Schnoes is a current senior at Lane Tech. She is the current news editor of the Warrior. In her free time, she enjoys horse riding, listening to music and hanging out with friends. She discovered he...

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Clarissa Corral

Managing Editor

Clarissa Corral is a senior at Lane. She is very passionate about writing and journalism is something that she would like to pursue in college. Her dream is to travel to Greece. In her free time, Clarissa...

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Eunice Alpasan

Managing Editor

Eunice Alpasan was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. when she was three years old. She enjoys listening to music and watching movies. Eunice became interested in journalism because she alway...

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Dominika Chruszcz


Dominika has been involved with The Warrior since her junior year. She participates in many extracurriculars at Lane; her activities range from Flag Corps to National Honor Society. She hopes to have a ca...

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Lara Sonuga


Lara Sonuga is a senior at Lane Tech and one of the Warrior's chief editors. Writing, reading, and listening to music have been her favorite pastimes since she was young, and she hopes to pursue an educ...

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