The Warrior

Planning the summer of a lifetime

By Klaudia Maciag

February 13, 2015

   Traveling and backpacking across Europe, finding jobs, and learning new things can all be done over the summer.    Three months may not seem like enough time to do all the things you want, but you can accomplish a lot in...

Feminism is equality for the sexes, not more power

February 13, 2015

TO THE EDITOR:    Feminism should be about equality for both men and women, not just gaining rights for women. In order for there to be change there cannot be two groups of feminism.   Complete equality of the sexes is truly...

Diversity at Lane benefits students

By Kim Wallace

February 13, 2015

   At Lane, it is clearer than 20/20 vision that our school is very diverse.    Diversity is defined as various kinds or forms. Lane mirrors that definition being diverse ethnically, personality and style-wise.    Stu...

Dealing with college rejection

By Cassidy Mullins

February 13, 2015

Every year the college application process takes over the lives of seniors across the country. The end goal of all of those forms, essays, and recommendation letters is finding an acceptance letter in the mail from the school of ...

Diversity shown through Humans of Lane Tech page

February 13, 2015

TO THE EDITOR:    When you look at the “Humans of Lane Tech” page you get an idea of the people who you see walking right beside you every day in the halls. You start to realize that everyone has a story.    I remembe...

College applications fail to recognize Hispanic as race

By Nathan Cordero

February 13, 2015

There is nothing that bothers me more than a question without an answer. That is how I feel when filling out my race on college applications. As a Hispanic student college applications put me in an awkward place. Most applica...

Wendy Warrior gives college advice

December 17, 2014

Tina Tran, Div. 863: “What do colleges expect from you (in terms of grades)?” Wendy:  Colleges expect you to have good grades. However, they are usually looking for a well-rounded student.  Grades play an important factor,...

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