The Warrior

Seniors in the stands during Pep Rally 2017. (Photo courtesy of Selena Kostic)

The Importance of Spirit

October 24, 2017

Sports knowledge is not male exclusive

By Joshua Tarafa, Editor-in-chief

October 23, 2017

The mere idea of a woman having more or equal knowledge about sports than a man has become a joke for many in our society. It continues to be a center of negativity that inhibits the ability of aspiring female journalists to ...

From Charlottesville to Chicago: Responding to Hate

By Editorial Board

September 7, 2017

Images of white supremacists carrying Tiki Torches chanting “You will not replace us” and “Blood and soil” on the night of Aug. 11 in Charlottesville, Virginia felt as if it was pulled out of footage of the 1960’s duri...

Taking the Lane less traveled by and that has made all the difference

By Alex Chanen, Features Editor

June 2, 2017

My first spirit day at Lane in 7th grade, a senior screamed “1-2” directly in my face as I was walking to first period, and I promptly responded “glad you can count,” and sprinted down the hallway with my backpack that w...

Who you calling a bitch?!

By Esther Babawande, News Editor

June 2, 2017

I liked to be called a bitch… by my girlfriends. When they call me bitch, it’s almost a term of endearment. It means either I’m slaying the game, too fierce to handle, or both. But when a male calls me a bitch, I want h...

The Real Definition of Feminism

By Anum Shafqat, Editor-in-Chief

April 6, 2017

Let’s talk about feminism. Let’s talk about it because it is a term we have all hid behind for far too long. I, myself, identify as a feminist because I believe in equal opportunity for all genders and sexualities; ultima...

A Tinkle in Time

A Tinkle in Time

April 6, 2017

God, guns and grizzlies

God, guns and grizzlies

February 16, 2017

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