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Not only couples have breakups

February 9, 2010

By Sadeta Causevic One of my acquaintances from 8th grade gradually turned into my best friend in high school. It came to the point where we could finish each others sentences and say what each other was thinking. We knew...

Colleges place price on ambition

February 9, 2010

By Safiya Merchant At the beginning of my college application process, I decided to apply to more than five schools. I wanted to see how much financial aid each institution would offer, and then choose which school I wanted...

Politicians bring to light issues of racial sensitivity in their use of language

February 9, 2010

By Melanie Johnson Rod Blagojevich has been ridiculed recently because of comments characterizing himself as black. “I’m blacker than Barack Obama,” he said. “I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My...

Universal Healthcare should be available to everyone

February 9, 2010

By Stephanie Pineda With Republican Scott Brown’s victory over Democrat Martha Coakley and Independent Joe Kennedy in the Jan. 19 special election in Massachusetts to replace Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat, any efforts...

Ask Ash: Am I wasting my time on him?

February 8, 2010

Dear Ash, About two months ago, me and my boyfriend broke up. He told me he needed time alone but we’d get back together, so I guess in a way we took a break. But lately, I’ve been so confused with him. He never cal...

New love for New Moon

December 18, 2009

By Gaby Williams Tiny teenage girls hold signs that read Team Jacob and Team Edward. Their screams echo in the jam-packed movie theater. The opening credits for the Twilight Saga sequel, New Moon, rolls across the screen...

Ugh! Enough off the Uggs

December 18, 2009

By David Pohlad "Ug" or "Ugh" is short for "ugly" in Aussie slang. The first actual Uggs were worn by Australian surfers to keep their feet warm between surfing sessions, and not at all for fashion. They were not sold at Nordstrom...

Ask Ash: What to do when he ignores me?

December 17, 2009

Dear Ash, I'm having a dilemma. So a few months ago I started talking to this guy. He was a friend of one of my friends, so it wasn't like he was a stranger or anything. We started to talk over Myspace then we really got...

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