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Seventh graders prepare for Lane at Camp Duncan

November 4, 2011

By Julia Kulon With new blood comes new traditions. Similar to the idea of the Freshmen Connection program, the incoming seventh graders partook in their own special operation called Camp Duncan over the summer. Sixty four...

LTAC students no longer center of attention

November 4, 2011

By Cody Lee At the beginning of the year, the Lane Tech Academic Center students were aliens to the rest of the school. It was as if no one had ever seen a 12-year-old in their life. Nowadays, aliens are apparently nothing...

New students adjust to new environment

September 25, 2011

By Vanessa Pena Walking into the halls of Lane in your early teens, not knowing where any of your classes are, with new thousands of new faces surrounding you, can be very intimidating. However, the new incoming freshmen...

LTAC students held out of high school clubs

September 25, 2011

By Erik Brito They are in the same building, in some of the same classes, but the seventh graders of Lane will not be allowed in the same clubs with the upperclassmen. As the new year begins, Lane’s seventh graders are...

A typical seventh grade day

September 25, 2011

By Emina Cirkic They walk through the halls like everyone else at Lane, talking with friends and rushing to get to class. The noticeable difference, however, is that many stand less than four feet tall and actually wear their...

Staff loses classrooms, lunchrooms to LTAC

September 25, 2011

By Airis Cervantes As the seventh graders and the largest Freshman class in the past two years enters Lane, there have been some changes around the building. Some teachers have had to change classrooms, the staff lunchroom...

What to know about where to go around Lane

September 25, 2011

Looking for something to do after school? Want to impress a date? Want to impress a date on a budget? Fortunately, Lane’s neighborhood is full of places to keep a Laneite busy. For something to eat after school, the usua...

Lane rapper wins record deal from Danish talent agency

May 28, 2011

By Sofi Kerpan Scandinavia was the last thing on Safet Susterac's mind when he was watching The Fighter at a friend's house last Friday night. Minutes later, a Danish frenzy ensued when Susterac, Div. 184, received a phone...

Class of 2015 Visit Lane

March 19, 2011

By Vivian Troche Most Lane students remember their freshman meet and greet, filing into the auditorium, and listening to Dr. Lobosco talk about "the best school in the city of Chicago." On March 2, 2011, 8th grade stud...

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