The Warrior

Fully functioning apartment built for special education

December 18, 2009

By Grace McQueeny In a room down the short hallway near door M, special needs students learn to cook on a ceramic stove top, use a microwave, bake cakes, choose food from a refrigerator, and launder and put away their clothes. ...

Cafeteria workers get mixed treatment from students

October 16, 2009

By David Pohlad The school bell rings, Lane students pour into the halls, and hundreds flood the cafeteria. This is the most hectic part of the day for Lane’s brave cafeteria workers like Marylin Ware, Mary Brabata, and...

Birth order linked to personality differences

October 16, 2009

By Stephanie Pineda Steven Flores, Div. 372, constantly strives to be the opposite of his older sister Michelle Flores, Div. 055. While Michelle is very academically focused and works hard to maintain a high GPA, Steven...

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