The Warrior

I-Day clubs shaping Lane students into leaders

By Alexa Soto

October 31, 2016

  The day before club days started, co-presidents of Ecuadorian club, Armando Fabela and Diana Pantoja, were running around trying to get a poster board, photos and permits to be able to attend club days. “Well y...

Chicago’s Winter Time Hidden Gems

By Amanda Lafferty

October 31, 2016

As another bleak Chicago winter heads our way, we embrace the holiday season. Yet, November and December are not all turkey and Zoo Lights. Chicago emphasizes its cultural diversity through the events it hosts. This is an eve...

A & Eats with Amanda

By Amanda Lafferty

October 31, 2016

Amanda Lafferty There’s been something brewing in the Old Irving neighborhood — literally. Trevor Rose-Hamblin, Matthias Merges and John Linnemeyer are co-owners of the recently opened Old Irving Brewing Co., located on 4419 W. M...

The making of an Art Show

By Eunice Alpasan

October 31, 2016

The process of what occurs behind the scenes of an art show can be just as admirable as the artwork itself. Producing art shows throughout the year for a school as big as Lane can be a tough but exciting task. In light of ...

Lieser takes on Humans of Lane Tech leadership

By Lara Sonuga, Copy Editor

October 31, 2016

It is extraordinary that a teenager with a camera could captivate and unite a student body of over 4,000 people. However, Munim Shah did exactly that, using beautifully composed photographs and powerful impromptu intervie...

Shakespeare, swords, and steampunk: the new Romeo and Juliet

By Anum Shafqat

October 28, 2016

Nadia Stoyanova There is a new Romeo and Juliet in town and they wear metal, fight with swords, and love their Victorian clothing. Starting Nov. 2, English teacher Molly Meacham is bringing steampunk to Shakespeare and Shakespeare to La...

Mischief not managed: how British fandoms have overtaken teen culture

By Annie Shafqat

June 9, 2016

Muggle-borns may not have seen it coming, but over the years, British cultural phenomena have integrated into American ideals. For example, terminology describing Doctor Who’s TARDIS, Harry Potter’s bold spells, or Game of...

A Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Festivals

By Jessica Tredota, Reporter

June 8, 2016

The city is usually filled with the bustle of hard working business men and women. However, during certain weekends the city is taken over by the youth and their music. Once music festivals strike Chicago, a new world is developed....

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