LSC reviews the ‘State of Lane’ & announces new social worker hire in November meeting

By Imani Fleming

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Lane’s Local School Council (LSC) met for a monthly meeting Nov. 15.  Among the topics discussed were the hire of a new social worker and the current State of Lane. The set agenda included a presentation from Principal Tennison, budget concerns, announcements, and an update on the construction of new bathrooms.


Led by Mr. Tennsion, the state of school template highlighted the achievements and areas where improvement is needed in the Lane community. According to Mr. Tennison, the “state of Lane is good” and we are making progress in some interesting areas. Some important notables from the presentation were Lane’s School Quality Rating, the increase in passing AP scores,  an overall increase in average SAT scores, and the hire of a new social worker in the counseling office.


State of Lane

In early September, Lane had obtained a Level 1+ SQRP rating, making it one of the only schools with a 1+ rating in the high school network, according to Tennison. The diversity makeup of the student body is also included in the consideration of a school’s rating. Lane’s current school profile is 10.6 percent Asian, 7.8 percent Black, 40.0 percent Hispanic, 35.4 percent White, and 6.4 percent Other.


According to Mr. Tennision, the increase in passing AP scores (3 and above) is due to the fact that teachers are incorporating more of the AP curriculum into class every day. Going hand in hand with the improved AP scores, there has also been an increase in the preparedness of students for the SAT tests. Student attainment college benchmark readiness, the level at which Lane students are expected to be prepared for education after high school, is currently in the 90th percentile, and SAT average raw scores from the graduating class of 2018 to the graduating class of 2019 increased by 66 points from 1164 to 1230. Tennison noted that these scores put Lane in the top 10 percent of schools in the state.


New Social Worker

The hiring of a new social worker for the counseling department was also included in the LSC meeting’s agenda.


“She is a trainer and has been a district manager,” Tennison said. He said he is excited for the “high impact” she will bring to the Lane community.


Friends of Lane

Friends of Lane announced  a $50,000 goal for the annual fundraiser that benefits the entire school, while also noting the increase in sales on the Lane Tech Online Store. F.O.L. also announced that the annual Gala will take place May 3, and remains the setting where most money is raised. The new alternative to Parent Portal, ASPEN, was also introduced but not with much detail.



The restrooms along Staircase J are set to be converted from male to female, after all the money was approved, according to the LSC. Construction has already begun on the new additions.


The DREAMers club will be holding a fundraiser where T-shirts, ornaments and headbands will be available for purchase, in support of their efforts to continue spreading awareness for DREAMers.


A new safety protocol was mandated by CPS and Lane has been given $205,000 to meet the requirements which include the hiring of a new security guard.


The meeting was adjourned with a “Congratulations” for getting through a successful Report Card Pick-up earlier that evening. The next LSC meeting will be Dec. 20 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 113.