Athlete of the Issue: Emma Godwin


Photo Courtesy of Cain Camacho/Pogi Studios

By Anahi Mosquera and Daniela Ciesielski

Approximately 100 hundred girls were standing in the stuffy gym, fidgeting with nervous energy as they anxiously waited for their time to shine.

For Emma Godwin, Div. 951, it was time for the next step in her volleyball career. Fighting for a spot on the Girls Volleyball her freshman year was intimidating. Nonetheless, she secured her spot on the freshman team — which would change her whole high school experience.

Godwin was athletic all her life, playing both soccer and basketball from the ages of 6 and 8, respectively. When she began her eighth grade year at Lane, she developed an interest in volleyball, a sport that she had little experience playing.  

Her mom played collegiate volleyball, and wanting to follow in her footsteps, Godwin decided to try out for LTAC Girls Volleyball, which was the first small step in her volleyball career.

Transitioning from the small, nearly no-cut, LTAC team to tryouts freshman year was  overwhelming. Tryouts for high school were much more competitive, according to Godwin.

Godwin was able to secure her spot on the freshman team, where she would develop as a player.

Being on the the high school team was challenging, Godwin said, but also exhilarating.

“Seeing that there were a ton of people that were better than me and getting to play with them and learn from them [was exciting].”  

With hard work and determination, Godwin moved up to Junior Varsity her sophomore year, and eventually to Varsity her junior year. She credits much of her growth as a volleyball player to her various teams.

“I would definitely say I have grown [as a volleyball player],” Godwin said. “What made me grow was playing alongside a ton of people at Lane who are really talented, and getting to learn from them and the coaches I’ve had has been a big help.”

Krissi Poelsterl, Div. 967, has been playing volleyball with Godwin since their freshman year.  Between playing at school, their club team, and beach volleyball, Poelsterl has seen improvements in Godwin’s play.

“She’s definitely one of the most determined and strong willed people on the team,” Poelsterl said. “She’s always looking to better everyone and support everyone. She’s just a strong player all-around and can always bring herself up and bring others up.”

From playing three sports in her youth, to now playing three positions on the Varsity team, Godwin would say that she is unique due to her versatility as a player.

Although Godwin now only plays volleyball, she is happy with her decision to focus on the sport.

“Volleyball was the one [sport] I started to play the latest, so it was new and exciting,” Godwin said. “Also, the culture that surrounds it is very fun, [such as the] long rallies that turn to huge celebrations once someone gets a point. It’s the most fun to me, which is why I stuck with it. It’s basically the main reason I play, because its fun.”

Photo Courtesy of Cain Camacho/Pogi Studios
From playing a variety of sports throughout her childhood, Godwin decided to focus solely on Volleyball. This led her to become the well-rounded player she is today, Godwin said.            Photo Courtesy of Cain Camacho/Pogi Studios


As one of the starting seniors at her games, Godwin is given the responsibility of keeping up team morale.

Being a senior on the team also means being a role model and a friend to the younger girls.

“It’s kind of crazy; it doesn’t feel like I’m a senior, but I’m excited to see all the girls and how they grow,” Godwin said. “I can relate to the younger girls because when I first came to Lane I was a little overwhelmed, but volleyball helped me by having friends going into the school year.”

Godwin hopes to pursue volleyball in college as well, but says she will miss being part of the Lane team.

“I’ll miss the girls I play with and getting to play schools like Taft and Whitney. Sports have given me so many life lessons,” Godwin said. “They taught me how to work with others, how to work hard, how to fail, to take chances, to manage my time and to trust others; the list goes on and on.”