Artist of the issue: Abby Pinderski


Agatha Orlovska

Abby Pinderski, Div. 967, is standing in front of her work, the three on the top row, which is currently displayed in the art room.

By Agatha Orlovska

 When Abby Pinderski was younger, she would walk into a large art studio in Michigan where abstract paintings were scattered all over, and paint stained the floor.

  The studio is her grandfather’s and the artwork was his as well. He would hand her his expensive paints and materials, and encourage her to create art. To this day, they still keep in touch and talk about the art that they both make.

 Pinderski, Div. 967, said that she has been making art since kindergarten, adding that she took pottery classes and woodworking classes when she was younger without her parents ever forcing her to do so.

 “I used to do paper construction of houses using tape and stuff,” Pinderski said. “That’s what my mom says at least. I don’t really remember. [But making art] has always been my favorite thing to do.”

 Sophia Wentworth, Div. 950, is in AP Graphic Design with Pinderski. She said that she has known Pinderski for fifteen years and that they have been making art together ever since they first met.

 “My favorite memory is when we used to go down to her basement where her family kept all their art supplies and we would spend hours down there painting, hot gluing, drawing and making anything we could with the materials we had,” Wentworth said.

 Pinderski has taken four art classes at Lane and is taking two more her senior year: AP Photography and Honors Contemporary Painting. Her favorite class as of now is AP Graphic Design because digital art is currently her favorite kind of art to make and she loves Ms. Diamond, the teacher of that class.

 “[Ms. Diamond’s] totally a sweetheart and she is always so positive and so happy,” Pinderski said. “She’ll give you advice and help if you are struggling to do the art.”

 Pinderski said that her favorite piece of art she made was a black and white photograph she took of her own dog, commenting on how she adored the way the light hit her dogs face and fur. She continued, saying that it is hard to make out what the picture is of but that she is content with being one of the few who know — a common theme throughout her artwork.

 “I guess my art is kind of personal,” Pinderski said. “It is about things I’ve seen or people that I know or things that I know. So a lot of people won’t get it, I feel, but I do it for me.”

 Diamond said that Pinderski has a strong imagination that helps her create art where she meshes a photograph with some of her own digital art. Diamond also said that Pinderski is a talented artist who understands design principles.

 “[Abby] is a sponge!” Diamond said. “She catches on to new concepts so quickly and is always creating new challenges for herself. She takes an assignment to a new creative level and it is so inspiring to watch her create her artwork.”

 Pinderski said that when she creates art it makes her feel calm and centered. She likes how she can work on her art while thinking about other things at the same time. As to when she creates art, it depends on when something in her everyday life jumps out at her and inspires her.

 “I’ll see something in the world and be like, ‘Oh, that’s such a cool idea!’ or ‘Oh, that’s an awesome corner or texture!’ and make something.”