Boys Volleyball looks to repeat as city champions

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Boys Volleyball looks to repeat as city champions

Senior Eric Brzeski hopes to lead CPS in blocks and kills this year.

Senior Eric Brzeski hopes to lead CPS in blocks and kills this year.

Frank Rodriguez

Senior Eric Brzeski hopes to lead CPS in blocks and kills this year.

Frank Rodriguez

Frank Rodriguez

Senior Eric Brzeski hopes to lead CPS in blocks and kills this year.

By Frank Rodriguez, Assistant editor

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After losing to Niles North on March 19, the boys volleyball team hoped to bounce back against Fenwick in their first home game on March 21.

After a six-point rally to begin the game, the team never looked back, defeating Fenwick swiftly in two sets.

Nicolas Langtiw, Div. 960, commented on the progress that has been made early in the year.

“It was our first home game, we were really hyped,” Langtiw said. “We fixed our stuff at practice yesterday, so everything was running a lot smoother today.”   

While the team had early success against Fenwick, there are still challenges on the path back to success.

Primarily, the team lost some seniors from last year who were “instrumental” in winning games, according to head coach Lopez.

However, Lopez also believes that the players filling their spots are up to the task.

“We’re going to have new seniors and of course new juniors, but I feel like the people coming up are ready,” Lopez said.

One of the biggest holes left by the graduating seniors last year is a setter, Lopez said.

“We’re doing something really different; we’re looking to see who’s going to step up and be our setter this year. It’s the most important role,” Lopez said.

Eric Brzeski, Div. 870, agreed with Lopez that finding a new setter will be key to the team’s success this season.

“We’re missing a setter position this year, which is really critical, considering that’s basically what makes the team or breaks the team in a way,” Brzeski said.

Lopez also mentioned that after winning the city championship last year, defending the title is even harder than climbing to the top.

“It’s harder to stay number one,” he said. “Because we’re Lane Tech, everyone wants to beat us in general, every city school. But then the fact that we’re returning champions just adds to that; everyone wants to dethrone the city champs.”

Though the road back may be challenging, Lopez and the players have set the bar high in their goals for this year.

Lopez said the main goal for the team was to bring home another city championship, but that the team also is looking at winning its first IHSA regional championship since 2014.

Brzeski said another goal for the team is to create tight bonds with each other like the ones the team had last year.

“[My] team goal would definitely be creating a family like we had last year, because last year we were really close with the seniors, and it was kind of sad when they had to go and graduate,” Brzeski said. “I’m looking forward to making the same relationships with my teammates this year.”

As the team has a few non-conference games under its belt, Lopez believes that there is strong potential for success this season, considering the players’ desire to win and work hard.

“I think the boys want it more than they did last year, and they wanted it really bad last year,” Lopez said.   

Coming off of their win against Fenwick, Langtiw said that as long as the team keeps going on the path they are on, expectations are high for the rest of the season.

“We just need to remember to talk and communicate with each other, make sure everything is going where it is, and everything will go smoothly,” Langtiw said.

The team’s next game will be April 5 at Whitney Young in Gym 1.


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