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Race for Illinois Governor

By Ben Griffin, Reporter

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Democratic Party

Daniel Biss

State Senator/Former Teacher

Main ideas: Create Five Point Plan for Job Creation with investment in small businesses; Prioritize the improvement of schools; institute LaSalle Street Tax; create a Universal Single Care Healthcare.

Ideas for Millennials: Legalize recreational marijuana with putting revenue into public health programs; move Illinois towards 100% clean energy; eliminate college tuition; enact the Equal Rights Amendment; prohibit youth conversion therapy.

Bob Daiber

Teacher, Superintendent of Schools

Main ideas: Provide job plan for downstate citizens; create plan where only millionaires have an increased tax; provide criminals a clean record; institute EyeCare Reform for Community Healthcare; lower amount of Medicaid; raise gas tax; invest in Pensions.

Ideas for Millennials: Institute state ban on gun silencers and licensing gun dealers; create a no threshold limit for coal plants; have private sector pair with public schools.

Tio Hardiman

Former Director of CeaseFire

Main ideas: Increase SBA (Small Business Administration) hub zones, introduce income tax 7-10 percent on incomes of $250,000 or more, institute 2020 plan to move state forward economically and eliminate head tax.

Ideas for Millennials: Create media plan to increase African American population in Chicago;  plans to reduce killings in Chicago by 50 percent with new plan.

Chris Kennedy

Businessman/Politician, member of Kennedy Family

Main ideas: Have an aggressive strategy to increase businesses; institute progressive income tax plan; pursue federal resources to fund mental health services; improve environment for better economy; design tax for online companies.

Ideas for Millennials: Focused on improving life for disabled; supporter of  $15 Wage; believer in the legalization of medical marijuana (contingent on doctors approval); use billionaire businesses to pay for better education.

Robert Marshall


Main ideas: Split Illinois into three states; eliminate graduated tax, in favor of tax credits to private schools; oppose tax increases for income, sales, and gasoline; increase health care competition.

Ideas for Millennials: Decriminalize cocaine, morphine, and marijuana to decrease violence; give money to private schools.

J.B. Pritzker


Main ideas: expand agriculture and manufacturing for forgotten communities; enact Illinois Cares Act (Universal Health Care); prioritize major transportations projects.

Ideas for Millennials: Investing in education and technology; create a system where upper class should pay for their own college with two year plan; plans for Illinois to join US Climate Alliance.

Republican Party

Bruce Rauner

Current Governor, Businessman

Main ideas: In favor of tax credits to Private Schools; plants to fire illegal patronage hires; supports term limits; plans to property taxes; make economy business-like, create more energy jobs; end special interest groups controlling the state; continue to defund CPS.

Ideas for Millennials: Support women’s right to choose; provide access to job training and opportunities for those who have been in prison; supporter of sanctuary state.

Jeanne Ives

42nd District Illinois State Representative

Main ideas: Support second amendment rights; increase amount of Medicaid waivers;  support coal mining; move all teachers to a 401k; increase electric vehicle cost; plans for reduction in property taxes.

Ideas for Millennials: Turn Illinois Anti-abortion; ban gay marriage; continue to veto Wage Equality Act; put opioid abusers in prison; make Illinois an anti- sanctuary and anti- transgender right state.

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Race for Illinois Governor