LSC reflects on community feedback during February meeting

By Frank Rodriguez, Assistant Editor

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Lane’s Local School Council (LSC) met on Feb. 15, looking ahead to LSC elections and feedback surveys.

Principal reports led by Principal Tennison

Tennison gave a “state of the school” address on Feb. 13 during a Friends of Lane community meeting, highlighting Lane students’ college choices and support from the College and Career Center.

As Advanced Placement (AP) tests approach, Tennison mentioned that Lane administers 14.5 percent of AP exams in CPS.

As an effort to ensure students are on track to graduate, Tennison stressed the importance of focusing on each student. He plans to start a “freshman seminar” class next year for freshmen who may need extra support staying on track to graduate.

Community feedback led by Emily Haite

LSC Chairperson Emily Haite commented on the increased number of survey responses from last year on the recent Lane parent survey, with over 800 responses recorded.

The “5 Essentials” survey will open to parents on Feb. 20 and will remain open until mid-March, Haite said. This survey is used to evaluate the school and is open this year to both parents and teachers.

Haite also welcomed feedback from parents who would rather share their input confidentially without speaking directly to a teacher or administrator.

Friends of Lane led by Lisa Borelli

Friends of Lane President Lisa Borelli announced that Friends of Lane has fundraised $215,000 so far this school year, surpassing last year’s total.

Borelli said that though Friends of Lane will still be accepting donations of all levels, they will be shifting their focus to the Green and Gold Gala, which will take place April 20. More information can be found on the Friends of Lane website.

$13,000 in grants were awarded to 29 teachers, who engaged in activities that “reached to the greater community of the school,” and continue to have a positive impact on the community, according to Borelli.

A Friends of Lane meeting will be held on March 13 featuring a tour of Lane led by Principal Tennison, according to Borelli.

Budget Reports led by Jill Woods

Jill Woods of the Budget Office proposed two purchase orders, which were both passed:

  • $15,777.02 for 16 new laptops for staff to replace outdated laptops in use
  • $62,277.72 for 6 Chromebook carts, with 216 Chromebooks

Three of these carts will be given to the social science department as their computer lab is to be converted into a classroom, according to Tennison. The other three carts will be used to replace the outdated carts currently in use.

Woods also proposed five fundraisers, which were all passed as well:

  • Aquaponics will be selling plants.
  • Muslim Club will be making henna designs.
  • The Cluster Program will be making bracelets.
  • Lane Buddies will be selling T-shirts and homemade buttons.
  • Chess team will be selling candy bars.

Next LSC Meeting and elections

The LSC unanimously decided to move their next meeting to March 22. As next year’s LSC elections approach, there will be an open forum to meet the candidates at 6:00 p.m., with the meeting directly following the forum at 6:30 p.m., according to Haite. The elections will take place on April 19, which is the day of parent-teacher conferences. The April LSC meeting has been moved to April 26.

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