‘Lane of Things’ sensor technology to be implemented at Wrigley, students recognized as ‘Rising Stars’ in chess at December LSC meeting


From left to right, students Harry Heller, Georgia Wolf and Matthew Wong pose alongside Principal Tennison for being recognized by the Illinois Chess Association for their achievements in chess. (Photo courtesy of Ben Wong)

By Eunice Alpasan, Managing Editor

Lane is in the final conversations with the Chicago Cubs to expand the “Lane of Things” project by implementing sensor technology at Wrigley Field, Principal Tennison said during the Local School Council (LSC) meeting on Dec. 21.

The Lane of Things project occurs through Lane’s Innovation and Creation Lab in which students have created and implemented data-collecting sensors throughout the school. It is part of the larger initiative, “Array of Things,” which works “to collect real-time data on the city’s environment, infrastructure, and activity for research and public use,” according to their website.

“There’s a deepening relationship; the Cubs have been reaching out,” Tennison said during the meeting. “It sounds like it’s going to go forward; we’re just waiting for that final green light.”


Other Principal Reports

As part of the professional development plan, some teachers were pulled out of their classrooms for an entire day to work on curriculum with other teachers on their team. This includes working on unit plans and standardization of grading protocols.

“That addresses the balanced assessment in grading and the professional learning,” Tennison said during the meeting. “We’re continuing to meet every other week in teams [during prep periods] with the assistant principals being present and then the teams meet every other week on their own.”

Additionally, the world language department is currently piloting a new model of instruction which focuses more on active learning instead of book learning.

In terms of other CIWP (Continuous Improvement Work Plan) priorities, Lane showed the documentary, “Angst,” on Dec. 7 to parents and students. There were also showings of the film offered to students during lunch periods on Dec. 8.

“It’s a continued conversation around stress and the aspects of stress in schools and how to address it,” Tennison said during the meeting. “I was really happy that we pulled that movie in and started that conversation.”


LSC Resolutions

The LSC recognized students Matthew Wong, Georgia Wolf and Harry Heller for their achievement in being named “Rising Stars” in chess by the Illinois Chess Association (ICA) and for also being honored at the ICA’s annual meeting on Nov. 18.

Budget Report

The LSC approved three purchase orders. One of which included a $59,547 purchase order to restore the pond in the Memorial Garden. The restoration will be professionally done by construction company Murphy and Jones and includes a 10-year warranty, said Mr. Luis, Building Operations Manager.

Luis said he wants the project to be completed by Memorial Day on May 28 in time for the Memorial Day assembly.

The other purchase orders were for 3,000 new student combination locks costing about $17,074 and for an online database, “Achieve3000,” which is primarily used by parents, teachers and students in LTAC that cost $13,155.

Ms. Woods, school clerk, also announced 95.2 percent of Lane families completed and returned the family income form, which is a three percent increase from last school year.


Community Feedback

The LSC made final revisions to the annual Lane parent survey which is expected to be offered in both English and Spanish. They plan to send it out on Jan. 16 and close the survey Jan. 26.

“We do an annual parent survey which is designed to get feedback from our community on how the school is performing on topics around the climate of the school, whether or not we’re living up to our mission,” said Julie Coffman, LSC vice chairperson, after the meeting.

Friends of Lane

Debi Lilly, at-large Friends of Lane board member, said the Annual Appeal is in “full swing” and they have received more parent donations than last year; however, this year, Friends of Lane is hoping to close a $100,000 donation gap from last year’s Annual Appeal due to two one-time donations from the 2nd Century Foundation and an alderman.

This year’s goal for the Annual Appeal is “to help cover facility renovations, classroom tools and equipment that will enable more collaborative learning,” according to the Friends of Lane website.

Friends of Lane will also launch a new fundraising initiative called the “Street Banner Sponsor Program.” Businesses and organizations will have the opportunity to “publicly display their support of Lane” by purchasing advertising banners that will be displayed on Western and Addison between Roscoe and Rockwell streets, according to a parent newsletter distributed by Friends of Lane.

Banners are being offered for a $2,500 sponsorship and will be displayed for one year, Lilly said during the meeting.

In December, Friends of Lane also launched the online portion of the Spirit Store which has generated about $3,000 in sales, many of those orders being out of state.    

“We’re really working on engaging our alumni and trying to help build revenue,” Lilly said during the meeting.