Lane sports release mobile app


Ben Griffin

Homescreen of the app, showing its six different features and its slogan, “School of Champions.”

By Ben Griffin, Reporter

Now, anyone, and anywhere, can “Remember the Honor of Lane” with the touch of a button. With the work of the athletic department, everything sports-related can be in their pocket.

The app is called “Go Lane Go” and went live Nov. 30.

The app contains a scoreboard for daily games, geo tracker for the points system, and a school store, that is available to all fans.

The app was computed by SuperFanU, a company that is also responsible for the making of Clemson’s and Michigan’s Athletic App. But, Logalbo and his sports communication class decided on the features, photos, and layout of the app.

“Our class helped by confirming the features that will be most helpful to our school, like a point tracker and a constant update on scores,”  Brandon Benitez, Div. 981, said.

One of the primary goals was to involve stakeholders, such as parents, local businesses, fans and alumni.  

Mrs. Milsap, assistant athletic director, is confident about the effects of the app and feels that it will have a positive impact.

“The entire community will benefit from the app, from knowing when all contests are, to being able to buy spirit wear as alumni or a current Lane student,” Milsap said.

Another feature of the app is the point tracker. When students attend games, they can check in online and earn points. Users of the app receive prizes when they earn a certain amount of points.

Sean Kim, Div. 985, is a frequent user of the app.

“I get rewards for going to games that I was already planning on going to, and I have also seen a lot more people at games since the creation of the app — a lot of people I didn’t know, and more parents,” Kim said.

Milsap said she believes that this incentive program for earning points will help gain traction towards the app.

Fans are rewarded more points for travelling to away games, or seeing a team that does not compete on Lane’s campus.  For example, going to a hockey game or a dance competition is worth 25 points.

This is compared to a basketball or baseball home game, which would be 10 points.  When a user of the app gets 100 points, they receive a “Lane Tech Loonies” T-shirt.

Each team also has two marquee games, where each team gets special coverage for that game, and involves a theme.Those are worth double the number of points.

An additional feature is an online store. When pressing the store button, users are taken to the Friends of Lane website. Lane fans can customize items from T-shirts to scarfs. Once ordered, spirit wear can be delivered right to your front door, wherever you live.

Benitez said he believes that shipping around the US supports a Lane alumni motto, “Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember the honor of Lane.”   

This makes him very excited, knowing that his family from out of town will have a sweater on at his next contest.

Now that the app has officially launched, the students of the Sports Communications class will be running the app. Students are in charge of all social media accounts for Lane Athletics, and they will also be in charge of updating schedules and results.

The app has focused explicitly on the slogans that have been used to promote Lane this year, such as the “School of Champions” and the LT logo on the home screen. Logalbo and the Sports Communications class want stakeholders to know that even though they have over 80 teams, they are one school and are on one team together.

“Go Lane Go” is now available on all Android and IOS devices on the app store.