Elephant in the Classroom

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Elephant in the Classroom

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A column dedicated to examining those awkward high school situations

By Cody Lee

All hallway shenanigans subside when you walk into class and have to deal with kids that you just don’t like. Going to school is one thing, but going to school with unbearable kids takes things to a whole other level. Depending on who the despised person may be, different methods in dealing with them may be utilized:

Old BFFs: We have all experienced that un-toppable awkward moment when you stop being friends with someone, but you both still have the same buds. It’s awful. Most people tend to ask themselves “What should I do? When they approach should I acknowledge them? Maybe I should just find a new group of friends.”

Believe me when I tell you this: relax. You guys will become friends again. I had a “Bestie” up until last summer. Our friendship ended over nothing legitimate, just typical high school nonsense. Now I see him everywhere I go…we even eat lunch together sometimes. Although obviously not as close as before, we could hang out these days without wanting to strangle each other. After regularly seeing someone, you can’t dislike them THAT much. It’s science.

Ex-Partners: Okay, I lied. I have found something a little more awkward. You are walking with your boy/girl friend, and out of nowhere comes your ex. That is probably the worst, but dealing with this one can be fairly easy. All you have to do is give your (current) significant-other a little smooch. It’s a win-win. Your current boy/girl friend doesn’t have to see your former flame, and your ex might get jealous. What more could you want?

People You Just Don’t Like: This is the most common. Everyone gets irritated by someone; whether it is the way they act, talk, dress or just look. Jocks don’t like geeks, greasers don’t like socials, and goths don’t like anybody. Usually there is never even a valid reason for the dislike, other than “Ugh, just look at him,” but that’s how it is.

Dealing with this particular group you just don’t like is the most difficult because all you can do is deal with them. That’s all. It’s not like you are going to go up to every kid you dislike and say, “Hey! Change yourself!” because that probably wouldn’t work.

In a few years high school will be over and you will never have to see them again. Don’t waste all of your time hating on them because there is really nothing you can do.

Not only high school, but the entire world is filled with these people you just don’t like. And being mad at the world your whole life probably isn’t the best way to live. So just relax, smooch, and deal with it, and it’s all good from here on out.

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