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Random websites that are great for wasting time

By Aleksandra Bursac

  • www.dearblankpleaseblank.com – This website is hilarious. People write funny little letters for you to read. I can sit and read it for hours instead of doing homework. Oh gosh…
  • www.bored.com – This site has TONS of free games to play. Personally, I’m not a game junkie, but everyone gets bored sometimes.
  • www.quizilla.com – Quizzes are only fun when you don’t get a grade for them. On quizilla all the quizzes are for leisure and the top rated ones are updated hourly. Sometimes the best way to waste time is to mimick doing something intellectual.
  • www.allrandomfacts.com – Wanna be the smart kid who knows all the most random facts? This website is for you. It’s packed with funny, weird, and even serious facts that can keep you entertained and educated.
  • www.collegehumor.com – It seems that college students are always up to something fun. And since college is the next step after high school, educate yourself ahead of time on all the immature things buzzing around campus.
  • www.cheezburger.com – If you want randomness, this is the site for you. It will take forever for you to uncover everything the site has to offer. Pictures, videos, facebook statuses, and all sorts of other funny things are posted here. Plus, the site is divided into many subsections that all have their own theme.
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