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Uneven distribution of bathrooms addressed at October LSC meeting

By Frank Rodriguez, Reporter

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The October Local School Council (LSC) meeting highlighted upcoming changes to Lane’s programs and building, including a planned transformation of at least one men’s bathroom to a women’s room.



Principal Brian Tennison mentioned plans to address what teacher representative Gerardo Gonzalez called the “inequitable assignment of restrooms to gender” at Lane. According to Gonzalez, 57 percent of Lane’s student body is female; however, there are 13 men’s restrooms, and only seven female restrooms.


Tennison announced plans to renovate at least one, and potentially two, current men’s restrooms, and convert them to women’s restrooms by the end of the school year. The main hurdle to the project is the costs that will be incurred by the school because of CPS’s reluctance to fund the renovations, Tennison said.



Chairperson Emily Haite opened the meeting by thanking Tennison and Lane’s assistant principals in honor of Principal Appreciation Week, a new initiative set forth this year by CPS, according to chairperson Emily Haite.


Principal Reports:

  • Tennison discussed the recent PSAT tests, mentioning how it is a step along the way toward Lane’s goal to better focus on college preparation. PSAT testing and emphasis on AP classes are examples of changes being implemented to align Lane’s classes with Common Core Standards.
  • Tennison commented on positive teacher-team meetings that have been taking place, further pushing last year’s goal of elevating the level of questioning in classrooms.
  • There is an upcoming college visit to Minnesota that will be an overnight stay. Student input is being considered as a key influence for where to go on college trips; there is fairly strong interest for a possible Ohio trip. Tennison said the historically black college and Alpha trips will still take place, in response to concerns over the trips being cancelled due to more trips being offered by the counseling department.
  • In sports, the Varsity Boys Soccer Team lost to Washington in city finals; the Girls Volleyball Team lost to Jones on Wednesday night; and the Varsity Football Team beat Taft in a game that went to double overtime after being rained out the day before.


Rene Luis, Buildings Operations Director, proposed the purchase of four new Chromebook carts filled with 36 Chromebooks each. The demand for Chromebooks is extremely high, according to Tennison.


“In order to have technology impact education, you need to be able to have access to it every day,” Tennison said.


This comes after the the History Department requested one cart per room, with Tennison citing that only having occasional access to technology is not sufficient. The proposal for new Chromebook Carts, along with a proposal to replace computers in room 255, as 75 percent of them do not work, was passed.


A proposal to fund floor coverings in Gym 1 to prevent them from being worn down, costing $12,264.94 was approved.


The following fundraisers were passed:

  • DREAMers Club selling sugar skulls and headbands
  • Cluster Program selling tea, coffee and handmade cards
  • Christian Club and Women’s Swimming/Diving selling candy


Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC):

Following up on the September meeting, Tennison again discussed his three-year plan, focusing on allowing teachers to teach to their own styles. Tennison said he hopes to get to a point where teachers can do whatever is most effective for them, instead of putting them under a rigid plan. This transition has already begun, seen in examples like the removal of a midterm requirement this year.


Friends of Lane:

Joan Hyde, representing Friends of Lane, announced their goal to raise $500,000 this year, after a strong fundraising campaign the past school year. Hyde advertised discounted tickets for the Blue Man Group performance on “Lane Tech Night,” with a portion of the sales going back to Lane.


Alumni Association:

Representing the Alumni Association, Michelle Weiner announced a special tour of an exhibit curated by artist Garrett Leo Augustyn, Class of 2013, in honor of Veterans Day.

$26,000 in awards are now available for teachers making projects and innovations, making $209,000 since the Faculty Innovation Grant Program started in 2010.


Old/New Business and Announcements:

  • The Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP) committee has not been formed yet, so meetings have not started.
  • The November LSC meeting is on report card pickup day, and will have an early start time of 6 p.m.
  • Volunteers are needed for the open house on Sunday, Oct. 29.
  • Tennison addressed concerns from the community regarding the number of students Lane will admit this coming year, stating that Lane will accept 1,400 students, as always. He  looks to level off class sizes to make sure students have enough peers to fill uncrowded electives, while also assuring space for teachers to have more empty rooms for prep periods.
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Uneven distribution of bathrooms addressed at October LSC meeting