Inside Chicago’s worst prison

Inside Chicago’s worst prison

Victoria Otrubina

By Alexis Ramirez, Sport's Editor

You can run up the stairs, you can lock yourself in the bathrooms, you can run, you can hide. But their screams will follow you wherever you are until your I.D. is safely secured around your neck.

Living in Lane Quentin State Prison is a life for 4,000 inmates here in Chicago. The same prison the infamous Mr. Dignam and Mrs. Anderson duo escaped back in 2015-2016.

This isn’t the easiest life to live. Escape from Alcatraz, the Shawshank Redemption, the Green mile, these movies didn’t show the true extent of what it’s really like on the inside. Starting your day off by waking up at 5:50 a.m. every morning. At 6:30 a.m. you move out of your cells and head on over to what is called “maximum security sector.”

When entering through Door M, the metal detectors buzz while the guards frisk you. After going through that process, there are guards with eyes of a Taft Eagle. They are not eyeing you down, but analyzing and seeing if they see any type of identification missing. DO NOT GET CAUGHT. For they will not stop yelling at you to put your I.D. on. You can run and hide, but this is just another game of cat and mouse.

Poor little Luiz Ramos, he forgot his I.D. one day and thought he could bypass security. Cornered off on the roof, Luiz thought only two things… Pay an extra $5 for a new I.D… or jump.

The guards gave him no time to think and before you know it, there was a new third option called Rancor. Named after the monster seen in Star Wars’ “Return of the Jedi”, Rancor is the hawk of Lane Tech. One swoop from Rancor, and that was the end for Ramos. No one has really seen the hawk itself but there are rumors that say it is over 20 feet tall.

“Yeah I saw it.” Jake Herman, Inmate 42199, said.


Not only are consequences are high for no I.D., there are also other consequences for showing up late.

“Yeah, we keep things pretty tight around here when it comes to demerits,” Officer Lopez said. “One demerit means you can’t attend the prison dance, two demerits means you lose eating and shower privileges, and three demerits you get sent to Deerfield.”