G.O.O.D Friday music from Kanye West is great on any day

By Brianna Toney

Kanye West has done it again. No, he didn’t stop Taylor Swift in the middle of another speech. Deciding to leave the auto-tune behind with his last Album 808s & Heartbreaks, he’s been proving why he’s one of the greatest rappers ever!

Kanye has been releasing hot new music in order to get his fans ready for his new album. These leaks are a part of Kanye’s G.O.O.D Friday movement, where Kanye releases a new single every Friday until his album comes out. He wants to give his fans a sample of what songs are going to be like on his album. These songs have included Runway, See Me Now – a feature with Beyonce and Charlie Wilson,

So Appauled – a collaboration with Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz, G.O.O.D Friday, Runaway Love and the newest popular release – Monster which features artists such as Jay Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver.

I think Kanye is definitely showing everyone what hip hop is missing with these new releases: real music. Many “rappers” now aren’t truly rapping,

but making dance music with lyrics that mean nothing, and using auto-tune to make these songs even more pointless. But he’s doing more than that. Kanye West shows that he is more than a rapper. He’s an artist. Without the senseless lyrics and the ridiculous auto-tune, Kanye is releasing feel good music. That’s the vibe I get from these songs. Songs such as See Me Now have a great mixture of West’s great lyrical skill as well as his swagger. These songs have beats that are insane, and make you feel good.

You can’t help but move to these songs, whether it’s a head nod, or a full dance. He even does a remix to Alors On Danse, a popular dance song in Europe. On the remix he raps “I’m freezing late for the rest of ya’ll, I’m way better than the best of all, and even though they focus on just the flaws, this still gonna annihilate the festivals.” (Of course he still raps with a conceited demeanor. I mean, he IS Kanye West.)

Kanye continues to step out of the usual Rap element (as he always does) with his lyrics and the beats that accompany them, created with great combinations of pianos, drums, acoustics, and other sounds that aren’t normally heard in Rap songs. For example, in Power he loops a chant in the background through the entire song.

With these leaks, Kanye West shows how Rap has evolved, and how he has evolved as well. Yes, Mr. West is still a cocky rapper. But with these songs, he proves that he has a right to be. He appealsto fans of many different genres of music. He has some rap songs that seem more Pop than Hip Hop, he has some that seem more like an R&B song, and he has some that are pure Hip Hop. Not all artists can do that, and most of the time when artist do try, they FAIL. He has crazy collaborations under his belt with these songs, working with the artists previously mentioned as well as Common, Beyonce and even Justin Beiber with Runaway Love.

These songs remind me of the Kanye West that we loved to listen to in College Dropout. He shows that Hip Hop can be taken to another level and the lyrics can mean something at the same time.

Many people criticize Kanye West for his fashion,demeanor, and actions in his personal life. But to me, no matter what crazy things he does outside of the studio, if these songs are a sure preview of what Kanye West’s new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will be like, I definitely recommend getting the album on the expected release date, Nov. 22, 2010.