Ask Ash: What to do when he ignores me?

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Dear Ash,

I’m having a dilemma. So a few months ago I started talking to this guy. He was a friend of one of my friends, so it wasn’t like he was a stranger or anything. We started to talk over Myspace then we really got to know each other enough to exchange numbers.

After texting one another for like a month or two, we finally decided to hang out for a day. That day actually didn’t go as planned; he started to ignored all my calls and texts a couple days before we were supposed to meet up, so when the day finally came we ended up NOT hanging out. But the Friday after that, I was at work for a party and HE WAS THERE! But for some reason he acted like he didn’t know me! And when I tried saying hi he ignored me. So of course, being a girl, I acted the same way back to him. I got over it. We stopped talking. But I think I’m going through the same thing again with yet ANOTHER guy. I just want to know if you think this is going to happen all over again, and if I should just stop while I’m ahead and quit talking to him? It hurt when that happened with the first guy, and I don’t feel like going through that whole ordeal over again with a different guy. So should I keep talking to him?

– Mislead and Confused.

Dear Mislead and Confused,

One thing you need to always remember is that not every guy is the same. Each person is different and every guy has different intentions. The first guy sounds like a jerk and I personally think you don’t need him. But you can’t let him hold you back from getting back out there.

Honestly, I don’t think finding guys online is the best answer for you. Even if you may know people that know them, it is probably best to get out there and find someone yourself. Online is an easy way out. Besides, it is rare that people act like themselves online, so you don’t know if you’re truly getting to know the real person. It’s best to meet the person first and then get to know them. But, like I said, forget the first guy. He’s only the first in a long list of jerks out there, so be prepared and stay strong. Don’t let the first guy know you’re sad or upset over it because he’s only going to feed off of your pain. So go out there and have fun and let him see you’re having fun without him.

As for the second guy, if you feel like it’s right then take a shot and keep pursuing him. If you continues to sense a negative vibe from him then follow your heart somewhere else. It’s all up to you to be proactive until you find the person who makes you feel best. Unfortunately, I can not tell you exactly who that is because everyone is different. Simply put: take chances and follow your heart.