Ten day suspension offers time to sleep, read, miss out

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By Bianca Rodriguez

The initial suspension was indeed a disaster. As if the humiliation of having to be escorted out of the building by your mother was not enough, I was hit hard with punishment: no phone, computer, or parties.
The morning after being suspended was odd, partially because I knew the sun was never that bright when I wake up for school.
From kindergarten through the eighth grade I missed a total of two school days. I always feared I would fall behind in classwork or miss something exciting during lunch. I am accustomed to routine, so 18 days of solitude was unheard of to me.
The suspension began November 22. It is well known that the month of November has numerous days off, turning my quick ten school days into 18 long days and nights.
The first few days flew by, despite being on thin ice with my parents. I was able to catch up on sleep. I slept until I was plain bored of sleeping.
For a while my boredom shifted to loneliness. I began to miss seeing familiar faces. It was surprising how I wished I could just get back to class.
I was not allowed on campus during school hours, which meant my fear of missing out on regular activities was now a reality. I was also not a part of the chaos that comes with Turkey Bowl. Being my senior year and last time to enjoy this school tradition, this was a big let down. Not being allowed around Lane from eight to three left me with an abundance of free time.
With the extra time on my hands I found myself doing things that were out of the norm. I visited different libraries and browsed rows of books just to pass time. (This was one of the only places I was allowed besides my home).
Returning to school was a bit awkward. I had to readjust. Everything felt different. I had missed chapters in books and plenty of inside jokes. I imagined it would be rocky coming back as far as school work, but my teachers sent me exactly what I would need to keep on track.
Suspension made me realize a few things. In part, I now know reading can sometimes be fun when in fact you choose to do it on your own terms. Overall, I see that I enjoy school. The days off sound great, but I would rather wait for a vacation – when everyone is out of school, not just me

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