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Goodbye class of 2016, Hello advice from Class of 2016

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  As the school year comes to a bittersweet end, many seniors, including myself, are beginning to reminisce about our freshman year.

  And one question that goes through my mind quite frequently is, “What could I have done differently over these past four years?”

  It seems like no matter what events have happened during these four years, good or bad, there is still longing for the unknown. What person would I have become if I strayed away from the guidance people gave me freshman year and who would I be if I never got any counsel in the first place?

  A part of me wishes I had listened to the little guidance I got freshman year like when my cousin told me to join clubs and participate in I-days. Or when my friend told me to socialize more and not stay to myself.

  Another part of me wishes I had gotten more advice like someone should have warned me that the people I walk in with freshman year might not be there when I walk out senior year. Or to take advantage of all the amazing classes Lane has to offer, like wheel throwing or zoology.

  As seniors, we have learned many valuable lessons over these long few years. We have  learned lessons about love, friendship, family, and most of all, on school and education as a whole. So as the class of 2016 gets ready to walk out of these doors forever, some of us want to leave behind a little advice for the underclassmen.

  “Do whatever you please, honestly, no one cares. You just need like one best friend, and then have a backup for when they leave you alone at lunch. Be best friends with your teacher, it’s not a bad idea. Talk to people. Don’t put up with anything you don’t have to and drop irrelevant people and take pictures of everything,” Jasmyn Nunez, Div. 669, said.

  It is true that befriending your teachers can be a nice thing and although you might feel like a “teacher’s pet”, that friendship will come in handy when you need a recommendation letter or when you just need someone to talk to.

  There are so many memories you will be able to make at Lane and you won’t be able to remember every exact homecoming game/dance or every Turkey bowl you “try” to attend. Pictures are worth so much more and will capture the moment for years to come.

  ¨Enjoy every second of it because it goes by so fast and try not to slack off because you will end up regretting it and have fun!” Gaby Trejo, Div. 676, said.

  It is true that you might hear everyone say ¨enjoy it while it lasts because it flies by¨ and at the moment you might feel like high school couldn’t end quicker but trust us, it tends to pass you by.

  I remember as a freshman I would dread every Monday and I would count down the days until summer vacation. I was so focused on leaving that I didn’t enjoy my time here to the fullest.

  Try to make the most of every dreaded Monday, like you would make the most of every long awaited Friday. It might feel like you have forever to make memories, to have fun, to enjoy yourself but before you know, you’re at home reading acceptance letters and watching all your friends become ¨adults¨.


  I feel as if it took us seniors many bumps and obstacles to learn from our own mistakes and to understand that with mistakes come valuable lessons.

  “Sometimes you have to be the one to make your own mistakes and later look upon them. The worst things in life could simply be a blessing in disguise. You can never go wrong in the things you go through in life,” Natalie Hernandez, Div.661, said.

  Hernandez also feels grateful that teachers from Lane have guided her and have given her advice that she has put in action into her own life.

  “I have learned from several of my teachers to be who I am and to cut toxicity out of my life. Don’t sacrifice what you want for yourself for anything or anyone. Don’t be discouraged. Some things take time and you need to be patient with yourself,” Hernandez said.

  It can become stressful and annoying when you feel like all teachers do is give out tons of homework and make you study for what seems like unnecessary tests but in the long run, the teachers want to guide us, we just have to let them. The greatest guidance you get may come from your English teacher or your math teacher.

  My english teacher, Ms. Chappell, motivated me to continue writing in the future. A dream I had long forgotten and she helped to revive it.

  My math teacher for two years, Ms. Padilla, helped me to continue to attend Lane, even when I felt like I couldn’t.

  My spanish teachers, Dr.Daly and Mr. Ricks, were also motivation for me to continue on with my education.

  My psychology teacher, Mr. Parsons, helped me to realize that psychology is something I would like to pursue in the future.

  Some of your best supporters will be the teachers you see all year. Don’t take them for granted. Get to know them and try to build a friendship with your teachers.

  From what she has learned from her experiences in high school Karen Cruz, Div. 655, had a few words of advice she would tell her freshman self if she could.

  “I would say that although school is very very important, grades don’t make me who I am. That I can be someone even if I don’t get straight A’s. I would tell myself that I’m never alone, that God is always there for me. I would tell myself to not be afraid of praying in front of people or doing the sign of the cross and I shouldn’t feel that anything is an impossibility because I can do all things through Him who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13),” Cruz said.

  As a selective enrollment school, grades and test scores can at often times become a main priority in our lives. We stress out about our grades and GPA that we forget to live life a little, to relax and not over stress ourselves. Sometimes we are so focused on our grades that we believe grades are an accurate representation of our talents.

  “I would say that I am perfect the way I am and I should love that. I would tell myself that I will find love even if it takes a couple of years. I would tell her to not stop reading books, to play soccer, to sing, and dance. I would tell myself to not be afraid of failure and to not strive for perfection, but instead strive to do the best I can do. I would tell myself to not avoid my problems, but instead to be courageous and face the consequences,” Cruz said. “I would tell myself to ask for help in school, to go to tutoring, and to not ditch. I would encourage myself to be passionate and hardworking. To learn from my mistakes, let the past go, and move on.”


  At times high school can be a stressful place but one advice I would give to students is to never change who you are. Never try to make yourself “better” because you think it will help you to fit in. Stay true to who you are, like Cruz has done. Never be afraid to express what you believe in or who you are because it is something that makes you unique.

  As a freshman I never understood the meaning of being true to myself and why that was so important but throughout high school you meet people who seem to have everything together. You meet people who seem to be smarter than you, more athletic, popular, talented etc and it’s hard to be unique when uniqueness is sometimes looked down upon.

  If you don’t “stick with the status quo” then you might feel like the oddball but as I am coming to my last few days as a Lane senior I finally realize what it means to be my true self.

  Here at Lane there are many wonderful artists but there are also amazing photographers and well poised dancers.

  There are students whose GPAs break the scales and there are students whose kindness have surpassed the 45 hours of community service. There are students who seem to know every other person in the hallway and there are students who stick to themselves.

  Lane is a melting pot of talents and different personalities, backgrounds, religions, beliefs etc. Being my true self means realizing that I may not have the greatest GPA or I may not be artistically talented but I have my own special qualities that make me unique.

  My advice to underclassmen is be who you are. Lane is filled with such gifted students that it is hard to stand out and make your mark. These four years are about finding yourself. Try different hobbies until you find one you love. Try to learn how to play different instruments. Try to join clubs. Explore who you are because high school is about molding yourself to be able to reach your fullest potential.

  These four years are about making friends but also realizing that having 100 friends isn’t important and most of the time, it’s better to have a few close friends than a whole bunch of people who you only socialize with because you have the same classes.

  These four years are about understanding that education is important but it’s not life or death. Don’t stress yourself out too much worrying about grades or test scores because 10 years from now you won’t remember the grades you had your first semester of freshman year.

  These four years are about making memories and remember that no matter what, you can make it to the end of your high school career. Stay optimistic and one thing I always remind myself is that “everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad.”

  There is so much advice that seniors can give to the underclassmen but you guys won’t truly learn until you hit a few bumps in the road. We can give you all the guidance we possibly can but it is up to you to learn on your own. The advice given in this opinion piece are just a few words of wisdom that you can take away from or not, that’s up to you.

  There are no real tips or advice seniors can give to make your high school career seem “easier” or “more bearable.” There is nothing you can do to make these years fly by and that’s okay. Your high school career is about finding yourself, enjoying life, and making memories.

  Enjoy $3 pizza at Pete’s, try an horchata at TBK, stay after school to decorate a friend’s locker for their birthday, join a sport team, and try to be involved in a club that you feel interests you.

  Remember the wait to graduate is long and can at times be dreadful but one day you’ll be walking across that stage, you’ll shake hands with the principal, you’ll smile and think, “I finally made it.”

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Goodbye class of 2016, Hello advice from Class of 2016