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Scoping out your future with horoscopes

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Although astrology is considered a pseudo science, many Lane students believe that horoscopes accurately portray them and the events happening in their lives. The reasoning behind horoscopes and astrology is very intricate with three different styles of interpretation.

Abdul Rafay Div. 766, a Leo, explains that there is more to astrology than just people’s sun signs. He focuses on the astrology that centers not just on the signs themselves, but also how each planetary position duels with each other and their relationship. Some other renditions are Horary Astrology which deals with the time period of the birth, and Arabic Astrology which is  based on luck and spirit.

The most common horoscopes refers to people’s Sun sign based on the twelve months of the year.

“The Sun sign is just an expression or a vessel for the rest of the planetary signs. It’s the showcase you show the world,” Rafay said.

 It is common for Rafay to read his horoscopes on a regular basis. In his backpack he carries around an ephemeris, a device that displays the planetary positions any day throughout the year.

Sometimes I whip it out and compare my immediate chart to see where and how I’m gonna have a difficult day,” Rafay said.

Some look at their horoscopes for an explanation of what is happening in his or her own life. If your horoscope mentioned, Gemini’s are going to be extra friendly this month, it might relate to a recent friendship.

Whenever Riley Merkel, a Cancer, from Div. 753, is feeling sad and has the sense that her life is not going quite right, she looks at her horoscope for advice for what she should do.

This is not the first instance where people have looked to outside factors to explain their life.

Romans created myths to help explain how the world works according to the Ancient History Encyclopedia. Myths were made as explanations for the changing of the seasons, or the comets in the sky which were unknown due to the early times when they had no scientific evidence to offer insight of how these events occurred. These fictional stories helped to reassure and provide an idea to people during this time of how the world worked.

Rafay often uses horoscopes to learn about his future and what it might hold. However, Rafay believes that horoscopes do not give people control or knowledge of their destiny.

“These horoscopes are a reflection of you,” Rafay said. “These don’t change you; they are you. You, in the cosmic universe of relationships, are a mush of complicated stars lining together, making a unique combination unachievable.”

When reading horoscopes, Rafay is able to incorporate them into his daily life. He can be more aware of how to act and predict who to avoid at certain times.

“I avoid Cancer triples like the devil,” Rafay said. “Being a Leo-Capricorn makes me both greatly immune and weak to Cancerian days. And no not the months of June-July, but the days of the Cancer moon.”

I believe that horoscopes lend hope to others, presenting information that shows their future possibilities. However, I do not believe that people can rely on horoscopes to create a change in their life. Instead, they provide incentive for people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

“Horoscopes are basically a start,” Rafay said. “It can help you see what you need to work on, which energies you need to embrace. The paradox of astrology, you can’t change your chart but you can change the energies between the planets.”

The allure of horoscopes is that they seem targeted toward us on a personal level. The events that they describe seem so accurate with our daily lives, that the horoscope is meant for us, even though there are thousands of other people with the exact same horoscope out there.

It is understandable that opponents of horoscopes believe that it is just a generalization of attributes along with wishful thinking. After all, the idea that seven billion plus people can be characterized under the same 12 categories is quite surprising. However, it is hard to please everyone and there is no doubt that there will always be hard-core critics of astrology.

“I don’t let horoscopes affect my outside relationships, and I don’t go to it for advice,” Arsheen Kanji Nguyen, Div. 766, said.

Although I am unsure of my personal belief in the science of horoscopes, I completely support the meaning behind them. They provide a sense of comfort to others with their positive words and sage advice. If believing in horoscopes provides hope and guidance for others, there is no harm in believing them.

However, I believe it is illogical to depend on astrology when making difficult decisions, because it can be harmful and inhibit personal growth. When dealing with horoscopes, it is important to have common sense, but not to be so rational that the horoscope loses meaning.      

Horoscopes are a fun source of entertainment that can help to boost confidence whether I choose to believe them or not. The next time I read my horoscope in the Sunday paper, I will remember that astrology is dependent on how the individual interprets their fortune and how it affects them.

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Scoping out your future with horoscopes