Not only couples have breakups

By Sadeta Causevic

One of my acquaintances from 8th grade gradually turned into my best friend in high school. It came to the point where we could finish each others sentences and say what each other was thinking. We knew each other’s families, and my dad called her his 2nd daughter, even though he could never say her name correctly.

We had such similar personalities and it scared me that someone could be so much like me. We were always together around school, and other students would be confused when one was not with the other. We had a true friendship because we never lied to each other and we shared all of our secrets.

Senior year arrived and everything slowly but drastically changed. We went from texting everyday to texting once or twice every other week. We became so involved with our individual lives that we forgot about our friendship, which caused a lot of tension. I went from knowing everything about her, to becoming blind to who she truly was.

Our last words to each other were spoken in our 4th period class and it was a short argument over the question of the day, which is a random daily question my teacher assigns to us in the beginning of class. It was a “great” way to end a four year friendship.

It is very common for a friendship to end in the last year of high school. People change and drift apart. They may become completely different people over four years.

Some girls get boyfriends and consume all of their free time with him, resulting in no time for friends. It is hard to balance both, but how can a person forget about their friends? The answer is, of course, by falling in love, which is the most common reason I have seen. This is another problem that affected our friendship.

Another reason that friendships can break up is because some girls can be extremely dramatic and cause problems for themselves. A friend of mine received a text message from her best friend. Her best friend cursed her out and said most of her current friends found her completely annoying. The whole text turned out to be false because everything written in the text was untrue. It was just a thoughtless, quick remark from a probably bad day. They were also best friends for about four years, yet that caused the end of that friendship.

Some girls tend to get mad at every little thing and blurt out the first ridiculous thought that comes to their mind. “You’re so stupid” can cause a girl to flip out to the point of no return. That is the last thing my friend said to me when we ended our friendship. Thinking back, had I not have reacted with attitude and been more peaceful and calm then we might still be friends today.

Then there is also all the trash talking that goes on behind peoples’ backs. I think everybody does it and that it is natural for everyone to talk about each other. A lot of girls tend to make a bigger deal out of it than guys. The trash talking makes the situation worse and what is said always comes back to the person that is being talked about. From my experience, I hear what is being said about me and it makes me not want to be her friend even more.

People need to get over all of the petty drama, before it becomes too late to save their friendships. No one wants to lose someone they care about.