Rude students have a eureka

By Sophia Burke, Satrist

The hallway-dwelling underclassman of Lane have been introduced to the concept of moving to the sides of the hallway. This appears to have been put into effect on Monday, Feb. 15 when the freshman fixie gang were blasting their colorful mix of hip hop and dubstep against their own lockers instead of blocking stairwell Z.
“It just never occurred to me that my standing in the middle of the hall to have shrieking matches with my friends was blocking hallway traffic,” Daniel Brieson, Div. 911, said. “We sure are glad that this New Age way of thinking has spread to the less intellectually gifted of our student population,” Allison Hubert Div. 632. Representatives from the junior and senior classes have been attempting to subtly hint to the underclassmen that their hallway etiquette is unacceptable in a school setting.
These hints come in the form of yelling, “Move!” and saying, “Excuse me…” with a touch of audible eyeroll in the tone; or by simply pushing the offending student out of the way.
The upperclassmen of Lane collectively hope this progressive notion spurs on other reforms as well. This new development will hopefully push the student body to reevaluate their decisions when it comes to vaping, moving at a glacial pace in the stairwells, and possessing rolling backpacks.