New love for New Moon

By Gaby Williams

Tiny teenage girls hold signs that read Team Jacob and Team Edward. Their screams echo in the jam-packed movie theater. The opening credits for the Twilight Saga sequel, New Moon, rolls across the screen and fans of all ages roar with giggles and high pitched banter.

On Nov. 19, 2009 theaters across the country sold out millions of midnight shows for the premiere of New Moon. My friend Alexis and I ventured out to the Muvico theater in Rosemont, IL, for the midnight show. We purchased our tickets a week in advance. The Twilight Saga books are widely popular on their own, and when the Twilight movie came out last November, it became an instant box office hit. Since I have read all the books, I was greatly disappointed with the first film in the series. When New Moon came out, my hopes were high and, surprisingly, they were fulfilled!

New Moon had everything it needed in order to be a perfect representation of the book. It was accuarate, well-acted, and suspenseful. In the book, there is not much action until the very end. The movie was portrayed so well that it felt like something was happening in every scene. Another great plus to this sequel was the character Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner. In New Moon, he has grown up and transformed into his more confident werewolf self. Everytime he took his shirt off the audience squealed with delight.

After Edward attempted to reveal himself to the public, Bella, Edward, and Alice were taken into the custody of the Volturi, the “vampire royalty.” Each vampire in the Volturi has a special ability in addition to super speed and strength. One of the top minions, Jane, has the ability to cause terrible pain to people just by thinking about it. When she tried to attack Bella, the scene of violence and Edward’s protection of Bella was so realistic and the drama so believable it had me clinging to my seat while the screen blared with action and amazing special effects.

The villian vampire, Victoria, returns in this sequel and she haunts Bella throughout the movie in a very “creepy stalker” way. When Bella jumps off the ledge into the water and is sinking down, Victoria swims towards her, red hair floating about. This scene sent chills through the theater because it felt like she was really coming towards the viewer.

The movie held true to pretty much every detail from the novel and ended with Edward’s marriage proposal to Bella, leaving the viewers stunned (if they hadn’t already read the books) and eager for the next movie in the saga. The only scene in the movie that I didn’t like was when Edward broke up with Bella. After wandering in the woods, she ended up just laying miserably on the damp ground. I think this scene did not embody Bella’s pain and heartache to its full extent. I also think that the actress Kristen Stewart is not worthy of playing Bella. She doesn’t portray Bella realistically, rarely pulls through with a believable action, and she forces her acting. Every other actor plays his or her role with complete authenticity.

The soundtrack also contributed to my satisfaction with the movie. The band, Muse, was featured in Twilight’s soundtrack and returned in New Moon. I am a huge fan of Muse and Twilight, so for Muse to have their new single, “I Belong to You,” in New Moon made something perfect even better. The singer Lykke Li also had a song, “Possibility” in New Moon. She is also one of my favorite artists and this song coupled well with the ambience of the movie.

Originally, each of the four movies was supposed to premiere on the same date, Nov. 20, every year . However, since New Moon was such an enormous success, the release of the third movie, Eclipse, has been moved to this June. Be ready with your screams and posters, Twilight fans!