A PSA from Class of 2016 to underclassmen

By Stephanie Alvarez, Satirist

Lane apparel is sold at the spirit store every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Lane apparel is sold at the spirit store every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

During spirit week, a time where the student body puts aside their differences to turn against the rival school, Lane’s community dresses up to show their school spirit.

However, this year, Thursday was pronounced “TEE-BEE-TEE” among the seniors, but was immediately shut down after a certain somebody told administration of the “shenanigans happening on the senior page.”

Announcements were made to crack down on the perpetrators trying to show their school spirit; these announcements included the threat to be kicked out of pep rally if caught wearing the freshman year gym uniform.

The freshman year uniform consisted of Lane’s Indian logo on the bright yellow shirt (and it depends on your freshman year teacher, but many had a last name on them), and green pants with the small Lane logo at the bottom.

Since four years ago, the freshman/sophomore gym uniform has changed to stylish green shirts and black shorts — nothing that resembles Lane’s colors or the gym uniform seniors, juniors, and sophomores were forced to wear to gym every day.

After many complaints were made to the administration about not being able to simply show off school spirit, they have decided to make it fair once and for all.

The 2016 Lane spirit week will not be permitting anything with Lane’s name, logo, or colors on it. So you can throw away your green and gold socks you’ve bought specifically for the one day out of the entire year you can go all out, and maybe wear Taft’s colors or Whitney’s.

Anyone caught wearing green and/or gold will be given 25 demerits and will not be able to attend prom.

Anyone caught wearing Lane’s logo or anything with the letter’s L, A, N, E, T, E, C, or H will be given 100 demerits and immediately removed from school property.

So next year, be safe and don’t.