Ugh! Enough off the Uggs

By David Pohlad

“Ug” or “Ugh” is short for “ugly” in Aussie slang. The first actual Uggs were worn by Australian surfers to keep their feet warm between surfing sessions, and not at all for fashion. They were not sold at Nordstrom or Macys, and they were sold for far less than they are now.

A standard pair of Uggs costs well over a hundred dollars, and I do not know how much money it costs to turn a sheep inside out, but that’s all they are. A number of Ugg boots are made using real sheep skin, which includes the wool. The pink or blue Uggs are a nice disguise, but it’s still sheep skin.

Fur coats are less popular these days than they were a couple decades ago, but nonetheless people still wear them. How long do we have to wait for PETA to start throwing buckets of paint on Uggs as well? I could start talking about leather shoes, but lets face it, cows are far less cute and cuddly than sheep. But on a serious note,

you can make a lot more sneakers with a cow than you can make Uggs with a sheep.

It’s not surprising that Uggs are in style right now. They go so well with huge sunglasses that cover your whole face or those miniskirts that cover nothing. It makes sense to have a ridiculous pair of shoes to top off the ensemble.

The styles that go along with Uggs keep the people who wear them indistinguishable from the next person. I do not understand why people tuck their pants into their Uggs. If I wore Uggs, I would pull my pant legs over them and try to hide them as much as I could. Also I would get the shortest, most inconspicuous ones, not the big tall ones that go halfway up your calf.

I don’t buy it when people say things like, “It’s cold, what am I supposed to do?” There are more than one kind of boot out there, and almost all of them are far less ridiculous than Uggs. The idea of walking around in salt stained, clunky, dead animals should have stayed in Australia.