Due to high levels of stress in students, The College Board introduces yet another standardized exam, The BS Test

By Anum Shafqat

  The College Board introduces a new way to prepare high school students for college, a more “efficient” approach. Along with the ACT test Juniors are expected to take in May 2016, a new test will be introduced. A test, they say, that will determine true intelligence.

   “Test scores are a very tricky thing,” College Board President and Chief Executive Officer, David Coleman, said. “However, test scores are the most important thing for students. Without knowing how well they do on paper, how do they know how well they’ll do in college?”

   This new test consists of three subjects: English, science, and math. The English portion tests patience- how long can a student sit without being overwhelmingly bored from the bland question asked to write about? The science portion tests intelligence, because science is the highest form of knowledge a student can receive. And lastly, the math portion tests just that- math. If a student does not enjoy answering problems that they will never encounter in their actual life, this section is not for them.

   The BS test, which stands for “Bring on the Stress,” will be offered only in May, because that is also when students take their Advanced Placement tests, the ACT, and SAT..

   “We just think the timing is great,” Coleman said. “Students are in the test-taking mood. Why not add another test? It just fits.”

    Along with everything else teachers are expected to teach, The College Board expects all teachers to prepare their students for this test. However, whether or not the BS test prepares students for college is still to be determined.