100 things to do at Lane before you graduate

By Isabel Trumbull

Things to do around Lane

1. Get food/go to the beach after an AP test
2. Go to the beach on the last day of school
3. Have lunch at Pi-Hi
4. Have ice cream one day for lunch
5. Take a nap on the front lawn
6. Buy bread from Mariano’s for $0.34
7. Smell the lilacs when they bloom
8. Find one of the dead squirrels on the lawn, proceed to avoid that spot indefinitely
9. Eat from the food cart Elotero
10. Get free food or drink from one of the local restaurants because you’re a Lane student
11. Attempt to avoid goose poop
12. Walk to the AMC on Webster
13. Bowl at Waveland Bowl
14. Go to Village Discount Outlet
15. Hang around McDonald’s after school
16. Visit the BMX course at Clark Park
17. Explore the boat house
18. Join a game of pick-up frisbee/football/soccer after school

Events to attend

19. Go to Un-Plugged
20. Go to a band concert
21. Go to a choir concert
22. Go to a musical
23. Audition for a play, then go to it even if you don’t get the part
24. Go to a game for each sports
25. Go to a baseball game
26. Cheer on the soccer teams
27. Go on a college trip
28. Take part in Rice Bowl or Noodle Bowl or Burrito Bowl
29. Go to a senior night game
30. Go to an orchestra concert
31. Listen to the poetry slam team
32. Celebrate pi-day
33. Go to a school dance
34. Volunteer at an open house/report card pick up
35. Go to Buddies Prom
36. Go to the carnival
37. Go to a homecoming game

Lane connections to make

38. Become good pals with a teacher
39. Meet a elderly man or woman who went to Lane and listen to him tell you all about it
40. Find someone on the bus/train that you didn’t know went to school with you
41. Make friends with that person
42. Become buds with one of the security guards

Things to do at school

43. Go to the art gallery
44. Thank the teacher that has had the biggest impact on your life
45. Eat lunch in the Memorial Garden
46. Build a snowman/throw a snowball in the Memorial garden
47. Find the best water fountain in the school (besides the lunchroom fountains)
48. Pose like the Symbol of Honor statue in
49. Wear green and gold on spirit day
50. Go to Pep-Rally
51. Join a club
52. Play Zombies vs. Humans
53. Be in an I-days club
54. Talk to the librarians for 10 minutes
55. Visit your counselor
56. Do all of the spirit week themes one
57. Wear your ID for an entire day
58. Be quoted in the Warrior cut)
59. Read an entire article from the Warrior
60. Learn the difference between the Carrera
61. Need the nurse on a day and at a time she
62. Do a demerit reduction thing
63. Take a day to explore the school
64. Get dresscoded ment
65. Try to talk your way out of a dress code violation
66. Show up to school one Saturday
67. Take a class that has nothing to do with what you want to do in life
68. Sing along to the school song one morning
69. Listen to the announcements
70. Visit the college reps in the CCC
71. Take advantage of no tardies the first day it snows, just be safe
72. Dress up for Winter-Spirit week
73. Actually swim in the pool one time
74. Park in the lot
75. Be on LTBTV
76. Take a nap in the library
77. Read the graffiti in the bathroom
78. Decorate a locker for a birthday
79. Climb a tree in front of O
80. Apply for scholarships
81. Go to the clock tower
82. Have a bonding moment with a teacher you didn’t like
84. Check out a book from the library
85. Read the book and recommend it to someone
86. Join a sport (track and cross country are no cut)
87. Actually go to Turkey Bowl
88. Find out the history of one of the murals in the building
89. Take part in a random impromptu hallway jam session
90. Get a teacher to show you around the basement
91. See the coffin
92. Convince a teacher to hold class outside on a nice day
93. Become a cone assassin/superstar in Mr. Mitchell’s Driver’s Edu records
94. Sing along to the national anthem one morning
95. Eat lunch on the lawn
96. Eat breakfast in the lunch room 97. Go to an LSC meeting
98. Talk to one of your teachers outside of class
99. See a movie in the lunchroom
100. Shout your year in the halls