The Funder Games

The Funder Games

By Bianca Sanchez

It is time for the 107th annual Course Selection here at Lane, and once again the Districts are pitted against each other in a cutthroat competition to gain coveted students and funding.

Each District will send one Tribute — one misfortunate under-enrolled Elective — to the Funder Games. There, only one (or a star-crossed couple) will emerge victorious, sent back to their District with enough funding for the next year. All others will die an imminent and painful death, to the dismay of their families and former students. It is known these victors most frequently hail from District 1–Science, or District 2–Computer Science. These frequent losses leave several Districts like District 11–English and District 12–History to decay in pile of old textbooks and fewer and fewer electives.

However, with these casualties new classes will rise up. New Careers like Biotechnology and Russian will now kill old classics.

This Circle of Life could evidently be seen through the fall of District 13–Drafting. Long ago before Dignam’s reign, the mysterious Drafting District 13 was an option for freshmen not interested in paintbrushes and pencils.Student carried with them giant tools– T-squares they were called — and focused on drawing several bizarre shapes and images with very precise measurements. Then in the 105th annual Funder Games, District 13 was terminated. New District Computer Science began to rise.

May the odds ever be in your favor, Electives.