Lane bad boys… not so bad?

By Aleks Pavlovic

Bad boys, bad boys, wachu gonna do? Wachu gonna do when they come for you? While some maturing gentlemen at Lane work hard to maintain a clean slate for the ladies, there will always be a number of guys who make mistakes; they might have said the wrong thing to the wrong girl, or perhaps allowed their confidence to wander into realms of arrogance. Within a population of over 4,000 students at Lane, it is not difficult to locate a misunderstood male.

Dylan Allingham, Div. 170, allows his inner-geek do the talking in the classroom while his inner-hoodlum speaks out over Facebook. Allingham appreciates the best of both worlds.

“I’m quiet in class and people think I’m a nerd, but then they see my Facebook and think differently because I post rap songs,” said Allingham. “I like bad girls, but that doesn’t mean I’m bad. I’m the opposite.”

Jordan Sultanian, Div. 275, has been misunderstood by his peers because he prefers being blunt to beating around the bush.

“A lot of people think I’m rude because I say what’s on my mind,” said Sultanian. “I don’t think I’m rude; I think I’m a caring individual, but only for the people I care about.”

Sultanian does not mind softening up his presumed reputation for the special ladies in his life.

“I’m not afraid to shell out money on the women I love,” said Sultanian. “I just bought my mom a new phone for her birthday.”

Nick Leyba, Div. 285, has consistently been misinterpreted by his fellow schoolmates.

“A lot of girls talk about me and think I’m an egotistic dude,” said Leyba. “The ones that don’t know me are usually the ones that talk about me. I just don’t get it.”

Leyba’s guilty pleasures reveal a side of him that most of Lane’s gossiping gals have yet to be exposed to.

“I have a soft side,” said Leyba. “I love movies like Fired Up! and Mean Girls, and I like to bake.”

Some guys, such as Patrick O’Connell, Div. 182, have developed rocky reputations after ending relationships with multiple girls from Lane.

“A lot of girls don’t trust me; they don’t think I’m loyal,” said O’Connell. “I know I’ve done some bad things, but nothing that would make me deserve such a bad rep.”

Similar to Leyba, O’Connell enjoys taking time to indulge in “chick flicks.”

“I love PS I Love You and 500 Days of Summer,” said O’Connell. “I have no shame.”

Christophe Francois, Div. 183, has been judged by a former Lane student because of his choice of clothing.

“[One student] thought I was a [bad guy] because I was wearing a Hollister shirt and wasn’t answering questions in class.”

Francois believes himself to be a gentle soul that is not afraid to get emotional when the mood fits.

“I’ve seen every episode of One Tree Hill, and I almost cried when Keith died,” said Francois. “I can quote most of Mean Girls, and I love The Notebook.”

Movies and television shows are not the only things that stir up Francois’s emotions.

“I definitely cried when Edwin Vega got hurt during our last football game,” said Francois. “I also get really emotional when I see a woman cry.”

Chase Wilson, Div. 164, understands the misleading reputation that can be earned simply from being a member of a sports team.

“People think I’m a jerk because of the jock sterotype,” said Wilson. “I actually think I’m one of the nicest guys at Lane. And I love to cuddle. It’s my thing.”

So when these misunderstood individuals come for you, wachu gonna do? Pop in Mean Girls, get out your Burn Book, and get ready to cuddle.