Lovers lock lips on Lane lawn

By Anexy Diaz
& Alexandria Martinez

Kissing, hugging, smooching, touching, grabbing, groping, and face sucking. This kind of activity is nothing new for Lane students. From the hallways to the lawn, seeing people engage in public displays of affection, or PDA, is pretty typical. The Lane lawn is a particularly controversial hot spot while the weather is nice.

Take Diana Chaidez, Div. 382, and Abraham Tapia, Div. 380, for example. They have been dating a month, admit to being in love, and call the big tree in front of door A their “make out spot.” They meet there almost every day after school, until Chaidez’s mom comes to pick her up.

“Yeah, we wish it was more private, but it’s not going to happen. We need to be close to where Diana’s mom comes to pick her up, so this is our time together,” said Tapia.

Chaidez and Tapia agree that it does not bother them when other people display acts of affection, so it should not bother anyone when they do.

“As long as they’re not all over each other it doesn’t matter what they do. It’s actually kind of cute,” said Chaidez.

Mia Franklin, Div. 192, agrees.

“I think that PDA on the lawn is cute! It shows that the couple care for each other,” said Franklin.

Franklin even went as far as walking up to a couple to tell them how adorable they looked together.

“I think that the way they were being affectionate with each other shows a strong, stable relationship. People are judged a lot for PDA on the lawn, but really, it’s kind of sweet,” said Franklin.

Unlike Chaidez and Tapia, Alexandra Pizarro, Div. 273, and Max Guerra, Div. 259, who will be celebrating their nine month anniversary in December, do not display their affection for each other publicly.

“PDA on the lawn is not classy. I can understand pecks here and there, but making out should be an intimate thing. I see this one couple on the lawn almost every day after school, and I really wish I didn’t have to. They give a new definition to PDA,” said Guerra.

Pizarro concurs.

“When couples just stop to make out on the lawn it’s awkward for the people around them and it’s not even remotely romantic. I hate having to walk around them, feeling like I’m disturbing something! This is a public place,” said Pizarro.

Many Lane students agree with Guerra and Pizarro’s perspective.

“It’s really awkward and at times disturbing when couples make out on the lawn. They get really into it,” said Allison Cuyun, Div. 352.

Brenda Gonzalez, Div. 263, has some very strong feelings about PDA on the lawn. She was walking with her friends one day when she came upon a couple making out.

“I literally gagged at the sight. It looked like he was going to eat her face!” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez does not think this kind of behavior is appropriate for school. However, others at Lane are okay with make out sessions on the lawn, to an extent.

“I don’t mind it. They’re not bothering anyone,” said Damian Jordan, Div. 455.

Other couples on the lawn may be in a similar situation to that of Chris Tasior, Div. 157, and Candace Palacios, Div. 181. The couple of two months rarely see each other outside of school, so they take advantage of the fact that they have about an hour after school together.

“It’s nice outside, and we don’t get any complaints, so why not?” said Palacios.

Chaidez and Tapia have heard complaints. Mr. Jarka, Dean of Discipline, gave the two a warning and forced them to leave the Lane campus one afternoon during a make out session.

“He told us we had to go home, and not to do it again,” said Chaidez.

Lane does not have a specific code that says that you cannot display affection publicly, but it is frowned upon.

Security guard, Nick Anagnopoulos broke down Lanes’ policies regarding PDA on the lawn.

“If a couple is on Lane campus engaging in this sort of activity, I will give the students a warning, and if it becomes a persistent thing, I will turn the problem over to the Discipline Office. It’s never gotten to this point though. A warning is usually enough,” Anagnopoulos said.

Assistant principal, Mrs. Rice, put the school policy in even simpler terms.

“If you wouldn’t do it on your mother’s front lawn, don’t do it here,” she said.

If you do have make out sessions on your mother’s front lawn, however, be prepared to face the consequences of doing it on Lane’s.