Lane’s “odd couples” find love in unlikely partners

By Mary Presley & Aleksandra Bursac

For most couples it is love at first sight, but for Emily Dones, Div. 276, and Joseph Peculis, Div. 274, it was love at first height.

“The first thing I said to him was ‘you’re so tall’, and he said ‘yeah, and you’re short’,” Dones said.

It is the odd couples that draw the eye. They leave a person wondering what makes two such different people fall in love, and gives hope to the ones still feeling like they are alone.

Dones stands at exactly 5 feet while Peculis is 6’1”.

“The tallness is what I like about him. If he was short I probably wouldn’t have talked to him,” said Dones.

In the beginning of their relationship, Peculis’ height posed as a major problem.

“People were kind of shocked, or surprised. They gave us awkward stares, and were like, ‘whoa, they’re going out?!’,” said Dones.

Not only did the couple have to deal with the reactions of others, there were also technical issues between the two.

“It was awkward to kiss him because he was all the way up there and it hurt my neck too. We also did not know how to hug because he is so tall,” said Dones.

Dating for almost two years, Dones and Peculis have overcome their height differences.

Height is not the only thing that can make a couple unique.

Amir Allam, Div. 263, and Sara Guttman, Div. 364, just celebrated their 11 month anniversary.

Guttman is South African and white, while Allam is Filipino and Egyptian. Their religious beliefs are also very different. Allam is Muslim while Guttman is agnostic.

Allam admits that it was not love at first sight, but he did like her right away.

“I thought she was sexy,” said Allam.

Allam is not bothered by the religious difference.

“My dad just doesn’t want me to have a girlfriend, but my mom likes Sara. She would rather me date a Filipino girl because she’s Filipino,” said Allam.

Guttman’s religious beliefs are not an issue for Allam.

“It’s her beliefs and I don’t question them. I prefer her to be herself. If she found a religion it would not change my feelings towards her,” said Allam.

Junior Shem Dado, Div. 283 and her boyfriend Justin Hadden, Div. 167, have been dating since Oct. 20.

Dado and Hadden are not afraid to be themselves and they are not bothered by other people’s opinions.

“I generally hate having some similar trait as someone else…it’s just plain disturbing…not cool…,” said Dado.

They met in German class and started talking to each other after a couple of weeks.

They like to do things that other people do not do very often.

“We skip down the hallways holding hands and singing The Wizard of Oz at the top of our lungs,” said Dado.

A unique couple consists of people who know each other’s flaws and share in each other’s differences. Height, religion, beauty, intelligence, and style are all differences that can be overcome, making an odd couple a perfect couple.