Students see teachers outside of school; report awkward, humorous encounters

By Isamar Garcia, Nathalia Mercado
& Mady Savoie

Yes, it is true, teachers have lives outside of school; and students encounter these teachers driving down the block, in grocery stores, and even at the hairdresser. Teachers have reacted to these unexpected, out of school encounters with students in surprising ways.

Jojo Holzman, Div. 375, was surprised by her old World Studies teacher when he drove past her house while she was out front.

“He saw me…pulled over, rolled down the window, waved, and then drove away,” said Holzman.

Damisola Akinyemi, Div. 250, saw one of Lane’s science teachers, Mr.Kopack, by her house in the Uptown neighborhood with a friend.

“I just said hello and he introduced me to his friend,” said Akinyemi. “He asked me how my grades were and we had a normal conversation.”

Kleirizza Geronimo, Div. 250, saw Mr. Yadao, one of Lane’s English teachers, when visiting her aunt who lives in the same building as he. Mr. Yadao acts friendly and says, “hello,” when [her aunt and he] see each other. She said her aunt talks to him and they seem to be good friends.

“He seems more relaxed, like he wears jeans and a t-shirt. He is just cool,” said Geronimo.

Janet Ross, Div. 384, had an interesting encounter with a teacher after leaving school one day. Ross was walking home when she realized a man was following her on a bicycle. The man stopped, got off his bike and approached her.

“I got my keys out and was about to strike him with [the keys],” Ross said. “I thought he was a pedophile since he was wearing bummed clothes and had a goatee.”

Ross did not recognize the man at first, but it turned out to be one of her old teachers from grammar school. They had a short conversation about school and her family, before the teacher rode off.

Grace Kerpan, Div. 385 experiences casual encounters with an old teacher of hers when she goes to the hairdresser.

“She has the same hairdresser as me, so I see her there,” Kerpan said.

Kerpan says she talks with the teacher, but it does get awkward occasionally.

Although many teachers who see students outside of school act polite and casual, some students find themselves in awkward situations.

Aimee Ali, Div. 257, saw a teacher walking down the block while on her way to a friend’s birthday party. Ali was with three friends when she spotted her teacher.

“She introduced us to her friend and then it became awkwardly quiet,” Ali said.

After a short conversation with the teacher, Ali and her friends walked away quickly.

Another student of Div. 269, had a similar encounter when she saw her coach while out at dinner.

“He came in right while I was ordering my food,” the student said. “He just looked at me and then sat down.”

Juniors Daniela Rodriguez, Div. 278, and Tanya Cepeda, Div. 265, had an interesting encounter with their track coach when they spotted him at the Jewel near Lane one day.

“He was looking at fruit with a random girl,” said Rodriguez and Cepeda.

Trying to work coyly, Rodriguez and Cepeda, casually walked around to try to see the woman’s face. Their plan to go unnoticed failed when Rodriguez dropped her phone, which attracted the coach’s attention.

“It got kind of awkward so we just said, ‘hi,’ and walked away as fast as we could,” said Cepeda.

While seeing teachers outside of school does get awkward, it is an inevitable occurrence. Many students avoid them; some do not mind talking to them, while others end up with funny stories to share on Monday.