Creative ways of getting asked to Prom

By Mary Nguyen

What started as simply flashing that winning smile and asking “Would you go to prom with me?” has become full of flowers, gifts, songs, surprises, and public confessions. The question “Would you go to prom with me?” has become a thing of the past. Students are “ditching” the generic formal statement. Year by year, students have become more romantic and more creative.

However to be creative takes much effort and time.

Marko Strbac, Div. 030, knew that his girlfriend Fiza Javid, Div. 042, liked to solve puzzles and word searches, so he made a word search filled with love words. He told her during their lunch “In the last class we had a weird word search and had to find the secret message.” After hearing that Javid became competitive and spent the entire lunch period trying to figure out the secret message. After Javid found all the words, she asked “How do I find the message?” Strbac said “All the words that aren’t circle should make a message.” After seeing that the first four letters spelled out her name, she knew this wasn’t an ordinary word search. The message turned out to be, “Fiza, would you go to prom with me?”

Even so, Strbac had his girlfriend fooled nearly till the end.

“The word search looked so authentic. He had the page number and copyright sign and everything. It looked like it was ripped out of a book,” said Javid.

Strbac put much effort when it came to asking his girlfriend to prom.

“I was thinking about doing something that was never done before. I wanted to do something that was dorky, funny, and cute rather than romantic,” said Strbac.

For others like Nick Nguyen, Div. 053, the means of asking his date to prom was closer to the heart. Nguyen is a photographer that never goes anywhere without his camera, so what better way to ask his date to prom than by using a camera.

Nguyen asked his date to take a picture for him. But he had the camera functions set on blurry, so she had to manually focus the camera. Looking through the camera, she saw Nguyen holding a piece of paper where he wrote the question.

Then there are others like Karl Rodriquez, Div. 053, who serenaded his prom date and lavished her with surprises and gifts.

During 7th period, Rodriquez had his friend write a note to her in Japanese saying “Would you go to prom with me?” and put it in her locker. Then during passing period after 8th period, Rodriguez was waiting in Mrs. Pierce’s room with his guitar and gift. Rodriquez’s prom date, Kelly Oshita (FIND DIVISION) walked in shortly after to hear him singing her favorite song by AJ Rafael. To ask her to prom, he simply changed a verse in the song to “Could I just go to prom with you?”

With Rodriguez’s musical talents, not many were surprised by his method of asking his date to prom.

“Everyone just thought that I’d sing to my prom date, so I did,” said Rodriquez.

While others simply made their feelings known to the other individual, Chan Kho Kim made a public confession.

A week before International Days, Kim had ask the administration if he could make a public shout out to ask his date to prom. Unfortunately, the administration turned him down. However, on the last night of International Nights, while students were waiting in the gym, the Student Council, who were operating the mics, allowed students to make shout outs to their clubs. Kim took this chance to ask his date to prom. Standing in front of everyone, he asked “Cindy Ruan, would you go to prom with me?” She said yes, and upon hearing her response, the crowd applauded and cheered.

A public confession is always a great way to show your sincerity, which was what Kim was aiming for.

“I wanted to do something big to show her that I was serious,” said Kim.

Let it be a word search, a picture, gifts, surprises or public confessions, prom has become a time for many to go out of their way to do something sweet for a potential date.