Students reduce demerits by donating clothes, candy

By Risa Gillogly

With Lane’s demerit system comes punishments, such as losing the privilege to participate in I-Days or attend prom. Alongside these punishments, the administration offers opportunities to remove demerits by participating in fundraisers and donating goods to people in need.

The first demerit reduction opportunity was a candy drive. The Student Council organized a donation system between Nov. 1 through Nov. 14, allowing students to receive one to two demerits off. To earn a demerit reduction, students were required to bring bags of store-bought candy into the main office: 20 pieces was one demerit off, 50+ pieces was two demerits off. Donors recorded their name, amount of candy, division, and ID number on a sheet in the main office after donation for their demerits to be reduced.

The candy collected will be donated to the Ronald McDonald house by Student Council. Thirty-seven students participated, according to Hanly.

The second demerit reduction opportunity was to donate clothing for the homeless. In this season, many people living on the streets are in need of jackets, hats, scarves, and anything else to keep them warm through the winter.

Students who make a one-time donation of clothing to the box located outside the main office receive one demerit reduced, Hanly said.

“Make sure to tape a tag with your full name to the donation you place in the box,” Hanly said.

Homeland Helpers organized the drive. The members came to Hanly and asked her to work together with them on a clothing drive.

This opportunity runs through all of November, and more donations are always welcome, Hanly said.