Partial solar eclipse in Chicago


Isabel Trumbull

Griffin Planetarium Live broadcast of partial solar eclipse from California.

By Isabel Trumbull

Thursday, Oct. 23 at 4:37 p.m. marked the start of a partial lunar eclipse. This was viewable from most places in the United States. Chicago was cloudy until 5:41 p.m., just 14 minutes before the sun set.

The Adler Planetarium had a viewing event where satellite images from both Slooh Observatory in Arizona and Griffin Observatory in California were shown. Both of these observatories had unobstructed views of the partial lunar eclipse. Adler’s event included a speaker who responded to questions from the audience including what a star is, where the dark side of the moon is, and what a solar storm is.

Chicago will have two more lunar eclipses in the coming months, a partial April 4 and a total Sept. 27. A partial solar eclipse will be viewable Aug. 21, 2017.