10 pieces of advice for sophomores, from seniors


By Annie Zorn and Klaudia Maciag

One year under your belt, and you feel like you’ve mastered Lane. You don’t get lost in the hallways, you’ve made friends, and you know not to buy an elevator pass. You still have more to learn and experience though. Here are some tips for your second year of high school.

1. Take advantage of the things that you didn’t do freshman year. You know more about Lane now, and you aren’t as nervous as you may have been last year. Join the clubs that you were too scared to join, or didn’t know about last year. Don’t wait until junior or senior year to join an International Days club if you want to be part of one; they are looking for people who can stay in the club for a long time and gain experience.

2. Don’t be too scared of driving. The range might seem like the scariest place on campus, but once you start practicing behind the wheel, it won’t seem too bad. Also, if driving is not for you, don’t worry about it, not everyone has to get a license.

3. Learn the best (and cheapest) place to go to lunch. Having the opportunity to go out to lunch every day is great. The money can add up if you go to Meatheads or Chipotle all the time. Change it up by going to cheaper places like Subway for a buffalo chicken sandwich or Wendy’s for an asian cashew salad. Try newer restaurants like Pi-Hi for falafel or kabobs.  Even look at the healthier options offered at Mariano’s like the salad bar. The cheapest way of going out to lunch is bringing food and sitting outside on the lawn with your friends.

4. It’s never too early to start thinking about college. Start keeping your eye out for colleges you might want to apply to in the future. Also think about what you might want to study, because that will guide your school choice. Scholarships are also available, even for sophomores. Talk to your counselor or visit Lane’s College and Career Center if you have any questions. It might seem early, but time will go fast!

5. Take ACT prep. The more you take practice tests, the more comfortable you will be during the actual exam. Lane offers an ACT prep class for sophomores and juniors, or you can buy a prep book. The internet is full of test taking tips as well.

6. Don’t bully the freshmen. They might seem ages younger than you, but you were there a few short months ago. Rather than throw pennies at them and give them false directions to their classes, be nice to them and make their first couple of weeks a little less stressful. Even befriend them — it’s always good to have friends in all grade levels.

7. Support the team. Go to football games and basketball games and other sporting events even if you don’t know much about the sport. It’s always fun to support Lane and show pride. Going with friends makes it even more fun. You never know who you might run into either and make some memories.

8. Make connections with teachers. Come junior and senior year, you will want to find teachers to write you recommendations for college. Keep an eye out for teachers you really like or have a connection with.

9. Keep your GPA up. It might be tempting to let your GPA slide this year since you don’t really have to worry about college yet, but it is super important to get good grades this year since colleges look at your cumulative (meaning all years of high school) GPA.

10. Go to events (even if you’re not sure if they’ll be fun). Even if you think an event might not be the most fun thing in the world, like Homecoming or the Winter Dance or the Carnival, go anyway — because it might actually turn out to be more fun than expected. And if it turns out it’s pretty lame, then change your plans and go do something else with your friends — no one will force you to stay! Don’t wait until senior year to take advantage of the events Lane has!

Remember, you still have three years left of high school, so make them count!