Dating: Dealbreakers

By Bianca I. Mena & Gabrielle Onyema

Beautiful eyes. Gorgeous smile. Soft hair. She’s beautiful.

He leans in, interested. She is attractive, until she says, “I don’t read much.” Levi Todd, Div. 450, sits back, his interest in the girl draining. It was the dealbreaker for him.

“I don’t like dating girls that don’t read. Right there I was thinking, ‘well okay this is over,’” Todd said.

Todd isn’t the only one that watches out for dealbreakers in relationships. Many other Lane students have their own lines that can not be crossed in relationships.

Senior, Avelyss Roman, Div. 452, is not a  fan of guys that check up on her.

“I hate clingy guys,” Roman said. “He is always attached to me. He is always trying to hang out. I can’t hang out with anybody else. He has to know where I’m at.”

Despite Roman’s aversion to clinginess, she believes she can put up with it if the situation is right.

“If a guy

really likes you, he is going to be clingy, but I guess it comes down to will I like him enough to be okay with him being clingy,” Roman said. “I think that kind of is realistic. I’m not saying he has to be a superhero.”

Patti Sporschill, Div. 471, agrees that clinginess is a dealbreaker.

“I feel like it’s suffocating (when guys want to constantly see you),” said Sporschill. “We are young and we need a little free time from each other.”

Though Andre Fredricks, Div. 471, steers away from high school dating, he has his own dealbreakers.

“Girls that don’t understand you have friendships. If the girl is overly smothering, to the point you have to abandon your friends, it’s useless,” Fredricks said.

Two friends of Fredricks recently began dating each other, and it has put a strain on his friendship with both.

“I know that he’s in love, but they are always together. I hardly see either of them anymore,” Fredricks said.

Another of Roman’s dealbreakers is guys with big egos.

“Cocky guys,” Roman said, “guys that think they can get any girl that they want. You can be cute, but if you are going to act like that to me then you aren’t even worth my time.”

Jessica Lin, Div. 465,  has also discovered that she dislikes guys who underestimate girls.

“Guys think that girls cannot play sports.

I’m not athletic, but I know a lot of girls are,” Lin said. “When we are playing football or practicing for Rice Bowl, the guys won’t let the girls practice with them.”

Lin also finds it a dealbreaker if a guy does not stay in shape. She believes appearance is indicative of someone’s health and hygiene habits.

“He cannot be overweight,” Lin said. “I think that if a guy works out, he takes care of himself. If he doesn’t care about himself, if he is fat or something, then he obviously doesn’t care about [himself], so why should other people care for him?”

“I’m just really picky about guys,” Lin said. “He needs to be intelligent so that we can have intelligent conversations.”

Thomas Russell, Div. 743, believes that having no common interests is the ultimate dealbreaker. After dating a girl last year, Thomas soon realized the chemistry just was not there. The relationship soon broke off.

“Things were going great at first, but later I realized we had nothing in common, and if you can’t talk to them, what else is there?” Russell said.