Statesville haunts, frightens, entertains


By Marissa Higgs


Statesville Haunted Prison has been terrifying people in the Chicagoland area for decades. Its narrow prison filled with creepy inmates plus its extended City of the Dead portion of the farmland create a 45 minute long frightfest.

Say for instance there are two types of people in this world: those who jump at the thought of monsters, clowns, and ghosts coming for them, and those who barely seem to flinch. If this is the case, Statesville will get two completely different reactions.

I for the most part considered myself a member of the latter group. My initial mindset was “If nothing’s ever scared me before, what’s going to scare me now?” My opinion of myself is only slightly altered now.

On a Sunday night, the wait to enter the haunted prison was pushing an hour, but like waiting to get on the Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America, time flew by. The pure excitement for the unknown is more than enough to get your mind off the topic. However, the loud music and collection of dressed up monsters slipping in and out of the lines looking for people to frighten bring enough entertainment for those unimpressed by the waiting.

If you are not a huge fan of unknown people getting a bit too far into your personal space, then this is not the place for you. The creatures walking around, both inside and out, are not afraid of getting in your face and remaining there until you beg them to leave you alone.

The warning page on the Statesville website reminds people willing to enter the property that you are paying people to scare you. It is the job of these people to do whatever they can to freak you out and they will try whatever they can to do just that.

With employees located all around the farm, nothing from parking to paying to getting in the right lines is confusing. The staff does a great job of helping nervous customers in a harsh and to-the-point way. If you are a fan of crude humor and obnoxious yelling, you will really enjoy your experience. Normally, I would hate to be treated in such a way, but when you don’t take any of it to heart, you feel better.

After finally getting into the haunted prison, time escapes you. At points I could not have been happier for this fact. There are definitely a few parts that can make everyone jump.

At other points, I was slightly disappointed. Simply the fact that so many people around me were freaking out made the experience inside the prison enjoyable, even at the times I was not necessarily being frightened myself.

Eventually it came to an end. For those interested, games of paintball were being played after you made it through. If not, you got to make your way back around to the entrance and take your free group picture.

Statesville is an interesting experience. It is by far one of the creepiest haunted houses I have ever been too; however, for those not so easily scared, it could potentially be a disappointment.

Personally, I feel the prices could go down to $20, but still just paying the general $30 entrance fee was worth it. If you’re looking to upgrade to the $45 VIP tickets, I encourage you to rethink your decision. The experience of waiting in lines is just as memorable as the actual event.

If you are looking for a fun, terrifying halloween outing, check out Statesville Haunted Prison and City of the Dead.