Elephant in the Classroom

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By Cody Lee

Well, I guess this is it guys and gals: Graduation. I have been looking forward to this since the beginning of time. I’ve never been much of a fan of high school, as you can probably tell. Don’t get me wrong, Lane is an amazing school with endless opportunities, but high school in general has never been much for me. There’s gossip flying through the air, little teen crushes with halls full of students making out, and cliques picking on the slightly less “cool” kids. What is cool anyway? Seriously, everyone needs to relax a little when it comes to high school’s social scene, and life in general actually. Stop worrying about if your shoes match your eyebrows and if you have the “coolest” bike. People won’t remember you for that stuff, it doesn’t matter.

If I’ve learned one thing while being here it is that people like nice people. I repeat: PEOPLE. LIKE. NICE. PEOPLE. I’m not sure that everyone has realized that by now, but to me that’s what life is about: having a legitimately kind heart and forming earnest relationships. Understand that and you will see how unimportant the other little things are. Wow. I just typed that so fast. I feel like that was a diary entry or something, but for once in my life I actually think I want to be serious.

Before I graduate from Lane and everything I’ve ever said completely erases from your mind, just listen to my last few random words of wisdom; who knows, maybe they will help ya’ out one day.

1) Just in case you missed the cap-locked text up top, let me reiterate: People like people that are nice. It’s plain and simple. Not many (normal) folks ever say, “Gee that guy was awesome, he was so mean to me.” Think about it, you want to be friends with people who are friendly, right? Well guess what…so does everyone else.

2) Find inner peace. Once you understand yourself, you will start to understand the world so much easier. I see so many people bashing themselves on how they look, or how terrible their life is. Just accept who you are, and move forward. You’re beautiful.

3) Two things I highly recommend doing during your high school life: Pick up a hobby or sport and actually work hard at it. I’ve gone through way too many activities that I promised myself I would stick with, but of course I didn’t, and now I regret it. And second, pay attention in school. It’s not difficult, and let me tell you, there’s nothing “cooler” than someone who knows what he/she is talking about.

4) Don’t give up on yourself. Alright, I know that one sounds completely commercial, but hear me out; if you find yourself in a rough patch, trust me, you can get through anything. Just be positive and put a smile on your face. My dad used to tell me that “Lee-Men bounce back,” but I think that’s true for anyone, if they really want to.

5) Have fun, this is the prime of your life. You’re going to mess up. You’re going to do dumb things. Relax. Kids that walk around stressed out all of the time, worrying about a five point assignment will never live a full life. Get out there and enjoy yourself man, life’s too short.

I should write a self-help book. I wonder how many people would actually buy that. But anyways, that was my final rant for you, I suppose. I’m officially done talkin’ smack. Thank you to everyone that has read Elephant in the Classroom, I hope they’ve made you laugh, or cry, or whatever. Good luck to you all and see ya’ around!

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