Frugal students save on Prom

Frugal students save on Prom

By Alexandria Martinez

From the dress, to the shoes, to the hair, nails, accessories, and let’s not forget the 95 dollar price tag on the ticket itself, Prom can be quite a costly venture for Lane’s ladies. Simply hearing the word brings just enough stress and excitement to make a girl feel overwhelmed. However, no need to fear, these senior girls have a few tricks to keep the Prom price tag perfectly affordable.

With Prom drawing near, Gina Lagattuta, Div. 270, has been feeling her blood pressure rise whenever her classmates talk about it.

“I’m starting to freak out because it’s like everywhere you go, people are talking about Prom, and I haven’t started anything,” Lagattuta said.

Wyliah Soto, Div. 276 has been feeling the same way.

“You wouldn’t think people would be buzzing about Prom until the date is actually close, but I’ve been listening to people talk about costs and plans since like, November,” Soto said.

All of the talk surrounding Prom, has forced Lagattuta and Soto to think about how to make Prom a little less costly.

“I bet one of my friends can do my make-up for free if I show them a picture of what I want, and I’m sure I can do my own hair…with practice,” said Lagattuta.

“I have a budget limit for my dress. I will not spend more than $200 because I’m only going to wear it once and there’s no need to spend a fortune on a dress you wear once,” Soto said.

Carnesha Smith, Div. 275, started her Prom planning in advance.

“Every week when I get my paycheck, I buy one thing for Prom,” Smith said. “One week I’ll buy a piece of jewelry, the next I buy shoes, and so on. One thing every week so I don’t end up spending a ton of money at once. It has made the cost thing a lot easier.”

Smith has also plans on asking people she knows to give her things for prom instead of Graduation gifts.

“My cousin does hair at a beauty salon, and I’m working on convincing her to do my hair and nails for free instead of getting me a Graduation present,” Smith said. “It saves her money, and it saves me money! Everybody wins!”

As Prom is drawing nearer and nearer, consider some of these students’ tips and tactics to ease the stress of planning and paying for that special night. Good luck!