Division change causes stir emotions with students, staff

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By Alejandra Jimenez

It was 7:55am on the first Tuesday of the school year. Wilfredo Torres, Div. 021, exited the Western bus on Cornelia and walked fast towards the doors of Lane. He entered the school and quickly headed for his first period class on the 4th floor. Upon arrival, he remembered the school day now starts with Division. Turning for the stairwell, he realized he had already earned his first tardy.

Torres was not the only one who has struggled to adjust to the new schedule. Several still miss the break it provided between second and third periods.

“The only problem is that it makes it feel like the day is longer because we have no break,” said Torres.

“Usually after second period last year, I could put my books away and get the others I needed before division,” said Tanya Gosiewski, Div. 269. “Then you don’t have to carry all your books.”

According to Dr. LoBosco, one of the main reasons Division was moved was because students were loitering in the halls and missing the announcements.

Putting Division first thing in the morning has cut down on this practice, and most students don’t seem to mind the change.

“Division is a good thing in the morning. It pushes me to be on time to school,” said Edgardo Landeros, Div. 177.

“I think that it’s a good idea [because] if we are late [to school], we don’t miss class. But they [administration] shouldn’t put so much emphasis on being on time for it since we don’t do anything,” said Robert Torrey, Div. 040.

“It’s nice because you get it out of the way,” said Annie Chrzanowska, Div. 280. “We realize what needs to get done on that day and when it needs to get done.”

“I think [Division in the morning] is good for the students,” said math teacher, Mr. Rummelhoff. “It gives them a chance to get settled for the day, talk to friends, and hear the announcements.”

Some students still hope Division might return to its old spot in the schedule. But most report being indifferent to the change.

“If it did [go back to being after second period] that would be cool. If it didn’t, that would be cool also,” said Chrzanowska. “You can get homework done if you haven’t finished. This is Division. It’s 15 minutes. It really does not matter.”

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